The "Great Ones" are coming down in Price

If you were spending no more that $2500 on a HT Processor...
Lexicon MC1, Proceed AVP or Classe SSP50. And what do we know about future upgradability? I hear the MC1 is done. Thoughts? I must say, it's mainly for movies, but the room is for sights and SOUND!
I think old processors are the bargins of the high end world. They never hold there value regardless of quality. If I was just starting out I would get a high end processor and use it as a pre amp. The equvalant stand alone pre amp is usualy much more and this way you get a processor on top of it.

I have been eyeing the ssp 50 for some time. I dont have first hand experience with this but I dont think either are upgradeble but at these prices and quality who cares. I have heard the Classe is a lot more analog sounding then the lexicon but I have heard Lexicon processors and they have their own qualities.

I haven't heard the Classe processor, I do have great respect for their amps. Do you have a B&K dealer near you? I'm not kidding, I've heard the latest Lexicon & recent Proceed processors, in my opinion the B&K is as good & much less bright than either of them.
I have a B&K 3090 on Audiogon right now for $175.00 under Orion book value. I haven't had 1 offer. I'm finding out that in video, unlike audio, you take a VERY BIG hit when a model is superseded. My 3090 is very good, it's just that everyone seems to want the current REF30 - including me..
A lot of audiophiles have "Classic" equipment thats discontinued but still highly sought after, I guess there isn't any video gear like this.
I'm seriously considering keeping my 3090 until the REF30 is replaced, then I'll buy the new model right away.
The B&K does sound very good to me in the 2 channel "direct" mode, also.
Video seems to be married to the digital side of the processor, it keeps getting better & faster.

Good Luck!

You might also consider a Sunfire Theater Grand, I have seen them as low as 2500 new (though it was a drop ship place), and they have had a policy of allowing their customers to upgrade to newer models for much less than buying a new unit. I hear rumors that the Theater Grand III should be out fairly soon, although I havn't heard what the new features will be.
Jeez,I came to this thread looking for a deal on a hockey player statue,or sumpin. I, like others, have an older piece. Citation 7.0 . I had the 25pin mod done to it/then I run it with the MSB ,for DTS/DD/ Ac3. Still it is good,but dated.
Another thing to take into consideration is that the component, regardless of technology, is only as good as its parts. I have heard Dolby Prologic processors that sound better then some AC 3 processors.

I would bet that a three year old $2500 used processor that retailed for $5500 would sound better then a brand new $2500 processor with all the current technology.
I never cease to be amazed at the speed with which top-shelf, quality a/v processors lose their resale value while retaining their sonic excellence. I owned a Fosgate processor, which at the time I consider was the best pro-logic processor of the lot. It retailed for around $2,500, and I sold it last year for around $250. I loved that unit, but like everyone else, I wanted(needed?) AC3/DTS, etc. Nothing that I've auditioned since then (and there have been many, including B&K, Parasound, Classe, and my current Acurus) can achieve for music what the Fosgate did. IMO, it seems sometimes that the latest technological gimmickery has become more important than a unit's ability to perform.
I owned a Fosgate model 3A - second best processor I've owned. The best one is its replacement - the Citation 7.0. I attacthed a Pioneer sp-99d for Dolby Digital and now I'm set. I will use the Citation until it dies and when it does - I will look for another citation. The Great Ones are still the best!
I posted my original reply just about 2 years ago. I have sold the Cit. 7.0 since then. I bought a used Meridian 565 that had the 7.1 dts upgrade added. (About 10 leaps forward)----This Meridian for between 1300 and 1700,used, has to be the best "sound-for-the bucks" in HT--period. (No video switching,so "all" you get is sound quality)----AND, yes, in terms of sound quality alone,it will stay with or better anything mentioned here.
Lexicon had a CP3+ v4.0 .I would consider using it today to revive my stereo cd collection.There were so many variables in the music surround mode it kills me to think i let it go for a song.Hook this unit up with a DD/DTS processor and you struck gold for pennies.Live and learn....