The "Eagles" - Best Albums

I want to get a few more red book albums of "Eagles". Can you recommend some good ones which have better recordings than the "Hotel California" album.

The only album I have is "Hotel California". While I like the collections in the album, the recordings are so-so.

Is there an album that has the song of "Hotel Calfornia", which has a better recording? Either studio or live recordings are ok.

DVD live concert: Hell Freezes over is great
Hell Freezes Over, a live acoustic recording, is available as a redbook CD, and I think I have an XRCD of it as well. The Hotel California track on it was (and might still be) a staple for demos of equipment.
All the rest of their albums
What you want to look for are any Eagles CDs that have been digitally remastered to 24-bit technology in the recent past. Many older recordings and albums are being digitally remastered to 24-bit which usually sounds great as compared to perhaps the first CD release back in the 80s or 90s. Another excellent format is SACDs. If you don't have an SACD player, then look to purchase hybrid SACDs which can play on standard units. Try If you have a decent home theater multi-channel system, definetly get the Eagles Farewell 1 Tour on DVD (Blu-ray also) from Melbourne, Australia. Hotel Californis is performed along with most of their huge hits and some new songs as well. Magnificently recorded for such a large concert hall.
Thanks for the feedbacks. The reviewer on said the CD version of Hell Frezes Over eliminated a few songs as compared to the DVD version.

My ARC CD7 doesn't play DVDs so I have to play DVD with an unsophisticated Blue-ray player, which defeats the purpose of getting a higher quality media.

Can you name a few album with excellent recordings?
And The Dude abides.
Desperado is well recorded
Onhwy61, I was thinking of that when I saw the thread title!
First one was expertly recorded by Glyn Johns. Still my favorite.
What's the name of the "first one" album recorded by Glyn Johns? Thanks.
Eagles. One with eagle on cover over the desert.
I'm afraid you shouldn't focus on the sound quality. There were mono albums, etc. Just enjoy the music. Have a shot of your favorite, relax and enjoy. Their music will go down in history as prime examples of a genre in the 20th century. Prabably be heard 200 years from now in summertime - that's pretty cool.
Desperado is my favorite album but most of their albums are good recordings. Hell Freezes Over is a little bass heavy and will sound great on a system that is a little lean in the bass region.
There was a great documentary about the eagles put out recently, excellent.

Onhwy61, that is a funny reference. "had a rough night and I ******* hate the eagles man."
The MOFI Vinyl of Hotel California is in my top five MOFI recordings.