The "best sounding' online classical+jazz sites.

Pleasantly surprised playing LAST-FM-on my laptop- very impressed with dynamics and clarity. Seems better than many others i've used. Comments + recommendations for a great list?
For Jazz I like WDCB and KKJZ.

For classical, KUAT rules - outstanding programming , but WFMT is also good.

I listen either thru stand-alone tabletop internet radios or thru my main system via a Grace internet tuner. If these stations sound good on my main system, I suspect they will sound fine on a laptop.
Thanks guys. 1st off last quickly turned into a disappointment.
Weird ads of non classical noise from time to time. Ruins the enjoyment. It's off my list.
I'm hoping for near or CD quality and few audio ads,if any. Like classical radio stations that also stream in CD quality. Am I out of touch with what's possible?