The quest for power

I would like to get some ideas from others to what solid state amp you either run or would suggest running with a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 pre-amp. I recently purchased the Line 2 and am now on the hunt for power to hook it up to. I would like to stay with solid state or hybrid power amp just to avoid dealing with the expense of a bunch of power tubes etc. Line 2 output impedance is listed at 300 Ohms balanced & 150 ohms unbalanced. Room size is 25' long x 15' wide x 8' high. System & speakers are located on the long wall and spaced 10' apart and only slightly off the wall. Seating/listening position is 10' from centre distance of speakers. Mostly listen to blues (SRV to Keb'mo), female vocals (D.Krall, E.Cassidy, H.cole), new counrty, older rock and just a pinch of clssical.
Budget for amp is in the $2000 US range or $2500 Canadian as I'm in Vancouver BC (less would make the better half happier).
Associated equipment:
Cary 308 CDP solid state version
Sony C601 CD changer for party nights or background music
Paradigm Reference Studio 60V2 Speakers (89db)
Paradigm Servo-15 Sub
Nothing special for speaker, power, or I.C. cabling at this point and will upgrade as needed.
The Line 2 and new power amp would be replacing old NAD 7100X receiver.

Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I have to say check out "Acoustic Reality". I just purchased a pair of 500 wpc@8ohm monoblocs for 1800.00 shipped. I was using Rowland model 7 monoblocs, and these sound way better, generate no heat 93% efficent, and have a bottom end better than krell
I use a Muse 100 as a summer amp on a second system. Tonally it is very much like a SF SFS80 tube amp just not as much "tube" magic, but a bit more detailed presentation. 100wt a 8ohms 200wts at 4 ohms. That said, I saw a Muse 160 on Agon. This is a more refined, powerful and physically larger version which has been well recieved. FWIW I just blew up my 100 (no fault of the Muse) Sent it back to Muse on Tuesday last week by UPS and they called me yesterday - its all fixed and ready to ship! Can't beat that.
Rotel RB1080 is a superb match for the Studio 60/V2. See my comments at:

Of course, it is well under your budget. Another option is a used Moon W-5.

ive used bryston 7b monoblocks, and electrocompaneit 250 both worked fine, but the electrocompaniet sounded better...and is more wife fact its very slick looking
I like my Aragon dual monblock 8008BB amp. Fills my 38X22 room without going past 10 PM on the dial. Its in your price range
Another one to consider is the McCormack DNA-125 - quite capable of filling a room the size of yours with all the sound that it, you, and your speakers can likely take, and of high musical quality, for around $1,700.USD new.

Top strengths include depth of soundstage, imaging stability and density, textural smoothness, essential tonal neutrality, and naturalness of timbral structure, along with plenty of bass for its size/price. Does not sound cool, hard, or 'electrical' the way some inexpensive SS amps can. Unlike Kal from what I recall (might have been 225 he reviewed?), I do not find this amp on the bright or lean side, but actually slightly mellow, though not dark or rich per se (this through Thiel speakers and in comparison to VTL tube amps as my personal reference).

Weaknesses are minor at the price point and include a slight lack of air up top, not the last word in soundstage width X height, ditto ultimate transparency/resolution/speed/separation (though fully sufficient, clean, and not opaque or colored), and just small feelings of 'mechanicalness'/boxiness/dynamic reserve compared with the more open and present exuberence of equally powerful (into 4 ohms) but more expensive tube monoblocks.

Needs to be left continuously powered-up for best sound, but runs cool and doesn't suck a lot of juice at idle. Well-built and -finished, attractive appearance, managable size/weight, secure company reputation for service, and customized aftermarket upgrade path is available from product designer at

Again, the main points are that it plays much more powerfully without stress than you might think from its specs, and is consistent and true in its presentation both physically and harmonically. I wouldn't feel very deprived if my 125 permanently replaced my reference amps tomorrow - at 1/3 the price, that's overachieving.
Lots of choices, some good options mentioned above. You might also consider the Odyssey amps at @~1000 new.