The quality of sound of an integrated amp?

I have a question which I am aware is likely naive, but I sincerely hope to gain some guidance from experienced audiophiles. I recently purchased a Jolida JD 100 CDP and a set of Spendor S5e speakers, leaving older electronics, a C-J PV-12 preamp and an Aragon 4004 MkII amp. I have been intrigued by information here about the new generation of high-end integrated amps, particularly the Portal Panache. Will I be advancing the sound reproduction of my system by changing to this amp? I listen to quite a variety of music, from old rock and pop, to folk, and to small ensemble and symphonic classical music. I have certainly already improved the balance and bass reproduction of my system, with good resolving capacity. My goal would be to improve further the emotional involvement with the music, which I'm hoping this (hopefully last for an extended time) upgrade could provide.

Thanks for your comments.
I believe the Panche has a trial period. 30 or 60 days if I am not mistaken. I have always wanted to hear one too.
I am not familiar with your current amplification, but I have owned the JD100 and the Panache (though not at the same time). If your budget allows no more than the price of the Panache, it is my opinion that you could not do much better in the SS arena. That said (don't you hate that?) I prefer tubes. Not sure if your speakers will handle the majority of tube amps in this price range (around $1K I presume?).
You're in luck. There has been a resurgence in high end integrated amps. Give us a budget. There are great units from VAC, BAT, Portal, Unison, Cary and others.
Portal offers a risk-free home trial. Go for it.
Do yourself a favor and see if you can listen to a Rogue Cronus integrated. I recently purchased one for my Vandersteeen 2Ce Sigs and this amp has everything I was looking for. An excellent value and well made in the USA.
Do yourself a favor and keep what you have. Unless your intention is to reduce your system size, The CJ/4004 mkII has a wonderful synergy. I used the same combo for Maggies and ProAcs and you are not going to improve on what you have unless you step up beyond the Portal to a VAC Avatar SE or Phi Beta.
I recently added the Portal Panache integrated to my system. It replaced a modified Jolida 502A integrated tube amp. I much prefer the Portal Panache. The sound, performance and build quality are way beyond it's price point. If you buy a new unit you get a 60 trial priviledge. If you don't like can return it. You've got nothing to lose. It's my understanding that not too many people take advantage of the return policy though, and given my experience with this amp, that's easy to understand.
This amp easily drives my 4 ohm speakers and puts out 200 watts per channel into 4 ohms. It plays a wide variety of music at high volume without even breaking a sweat. At low volume the amp still presents a full and satisfying soundstage. I couldn't be happier mine. It was definitely a good purchase.
As is my tendency, I've been deliberating. I appreciate all your responses. For now, I'm inclined to do more listening and get familiar with the sound of my reconstituted system. Depending upon how that transpires, that is, how I enjoy the music reproduction, I still might want to give Portal a call and a consider the in home comparison audition Mr. Abrams offers.

You have a very good system. Unless you want the convenience of an integrated I would reccomend you stay put. The portal and other integratedes are very good, but they won't sound much better, maybe different. If you want a different soung , go for it, but the sytem you have is super for its price; To clearly sound beter you would have to spend a lot of money(or find the integrated that I hav't heard). Of course If size and heat are an issue, than there are many good integrateds. I have an MF trivista that I think sounds great, but there are ntegrateds by portal, jeff rowland and krell that also have very good sound
Rgcards and Camadeco,

Thanks for your comments and complements. I wasn't expecting the latter, but it's nice to get affirmation for the ideas I've used in building this system over time. Last evening I enjoyed listening to three old standards for me: Led Zeppelin IV, The Who Who's Next, and BS&T's second album. There is definitely improved (after the change of CDP and speakers) liquidity and balance in the range of frequency reproduction, along with improved drive and bass reproduction. Particularly well reproduced were the human voice and BS&T's great horns.

I plan to keep listening and an open mind.