The PS Audio PCA-2, good product? Compairisons?

I have a thread asking about inexpensive pre amps, since I have the PS Audio HCA-2 thought I'd ask specifically about the PCA-2.

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I have owned the PCA-2.At the time ,in the context of my system,I found it to be very good sounding--but not special or exciting.The word that comes to mind is competent.

The user interface was outstanding;among the best I have used.At the time I opted to keep a Bel Canto Pre 1,a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 SE and a Consonance Cyber 222.I found them all to be more involving.

I currently own the PS Audio Trio P200 Preamplifier.Whilst the user interface is much simpler than the PCA-2,I find it to be sonically superior.It is as good or better than my other preamps,all of which retailed for a great deal more(Bel Canto Pre 2,Muse Model 3,and a Cary CPA 1).