The process of elimination

Rekkid freaks-

I'm trying to isolate a futzy,crackly right channel when playing my beloved albums.

If I move the right channel connection(going to the phono pre) FROM the table to the left, the problem now,is in the left speaker. Conversely, connecting the right into the left, music crystal clear.

Is that enough to determine the cartridge is suspect? OR, am I completely off base and I haven't really done enough to make a call?

I unfortunately don't have a spare cart to confirm my suspicion.
Aging VPI CLASSIC/Kiseki Blue-Fosgate tube phone-PL HP tube integrated= reasonbly convincing stuff that's been reliable.

I could listen to mono records, but I don't have enough cool albums to get thru the long weekend!
So far you have narrowed it down to the cartridge or the wire. Next swap R and L on the cart pins. Then you will know for sure if its the cartridge, or the wire.

If its the wire, most likely its not really the wire itself but the connections at either end. Easiest and first, cart pin clips. Could be they aren’t tight enough. Sick a round toothpick into the clip, carefully crimp with pliers. Carefully. Round toothpick prevents flattening and ruining but you still have to be careful.

Rekkid freaks. That's a new one. Which I hope never to see again.
Had similar problem a couple of months ago. Certain it was preamp - turns out it was a faulty connection on the rca i/c’s. Before spending a lot of time on other possible sources for the problem, swap out I/c’s and see if the i/c or the i/c connection is the issue. 5 minutes. Good luck. 
Futzus intermittent 

swapping at the cart confirmed noisey right channel. I then put leads back- noise disappears.

 I'm rockin for now-until whatever internal thing with the cart decides to surface.
Guess I'll put a cart replacement on  mid burner until it drives me completely  nuts.

Must be a loose kniffle bearing inside?