The problem with Magicos

Magicos are very expensive, solidly built and heavy however there is one problem which the speaker engineers didnt think of when it came to designing the speakers. The woofers in a Magico generate sound from both the front and the back. The problem is that the sound from the back is obviously contained inside that big solid enclosure and after it has reflected around the box, it becomes NOISE. So now you have generated NOISE inside the box which has to be dealt with. The only way to get rid of that nasty noise is to cut a hole using a drill into the back of the cabinet. The hole will need to be big enough to vent the noise. The noise will then need to be vented somewhere far away from the listening environment as you dont want to be hearing that while the music is playing. 

The reason Magico speakers are not universally liked is because they are NOISY. They have a lot of distortion coming out of them because all that box noise comes straight out the front of the midwoofers along with the music unbeknown to the listener. Some listeners will not tolerate this while others may not even realize its there because their ears aren't very good. Hence Magicos, have their fair share of detractors.

All the best and do not be cheated.
Whatever issue you find with Magicos, it will not change the fact, that I am still missing my S5, after I have upgraded. Probably due to the noise...who knows.
Is the noise measurable?  If so, have you measured the noise or have you heard the noise yourself?  What model(s) did you hear the noise?

I was at a friends home last night and he has expensive Magicos MSRP $175,000 I think (not what he paid for them).

I was surprised how dead silent the music came out of them compared to my Vandersteen 5As.  They had an entirely black background.  I guess I will have to go back and listen more carefully to the sound.

Do you hear the noise on all music?  Will I hear the noise on solo piano recordings or a solo violin?

I love Magicos...too bad I can’t really afford them! But I am informed by the sound they present. Kenjit occasionally offers amusement, but little else.
The problem is people that can not afford the best LOVE to bad rap MAGICO.