The Power of Positioning

I moved my Sonus Faber EA 11's out from the rear wall in my listening room. They were closer to two feet from the rear and I brought them out an additional foot to three feet from the rear wall. Well let me tell you the improvement was fantastic. The upgrade in sound was greater than any equipment upgrade I have ever made. I am now a believer in proper setup. Work on your room and positioning and you will be rewarded.
Thanks for sharing. Your correct , speaker positioning can have a great impact. In fact because of your post, Im going to get off my lazy butt and do some experimenting . Can never be reminded of the basics too many times !!
You bet! I put my Paradigm 100s on rolling platforms (about 4 inches tall I made myself) and moved them around. That way you can try hundreds of placements in a few days with no back strain. One of the best things I have ever done too. Arthur
Keep going. Take them out to 5 or 6 feet. That's when the soundstage starts to get really good.
My Quad 63 ESL's are at least 13' from the rear wall because my system is in the basement where I can do a lot positioning experiments without being scolded by the wife. I moved everything to the basement a few years ago because I know how important the environment is in one's system.
Shhhh! Be careful, you might get blackballed here.

I, for one, will state emphatically that there is some cryo treated power cord that would do much more than some mamby pamby speaker positioning. [:)]

I agree. On advice from the Rives Audio site I too moved my monitors out 4 1/2 feet from the back wall, not the 3 feet you see typically in many speaker reviews. Definite improvement!
Is it possible to get deep bass 13' out from the front wall? or do you need subwoofers to make it work?
Just can't resist joining in this circle jerk. I can't believe what people spend their money on, yet ignore simple room acoustics! Now how many have tuned in their listening position as accurately as their speakers, or is this one in the same? And don't give me any crap about WAF. :-)
Well said. We(ok,perhaps I should speak for myself)have heard high end speakers poorly placed and mid-fi speakers well placed,with the later speakers sounding much,much better.As true as what you said is for box speakers,it's more so for panel speakers. Speaking from experience with my Maggie 1.6s,with placement at least 5 feet from the wall behindthem,you get at least the auditory illusion of depth imaging from colorless reverberation. People who know physics can tell you the whys of colorless reverberation;I can't.
" I can't believe what people spend their money on, yet ignore simple room acoustics! "

You are exactly right. A few hundred bucks worth of acoustic foam and a bass trap or two can work wonders. It amazes me too how much people spend changing amps, cables, etc. Heck even moving a piece of furniture can make a significant difference. I do understand though that to some people a wall with acoustic foam may not go over to well. The improvement is remarkable though. Room acoustics are very good bang for the buck too. I've been trying to figure out a nice decorative way how to cover the acoustic foam on my rear wall for a year now so I guess it doesn't bother me too much. Any great ideas out there?
Yep, trade out the acoustic foam for some book cases and lots of various sized books - it becomes dispursive in nature which is usually better than absorbtive, and it will impress the hell out of people who will think you are literate - Make sure you get the Gibbon's Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire series - but if you do crumple pages to make it look read. :-)
Yep. Putting bookcases behind the speakers avoids foam.Another trick is to place tapestries at the first side refection points(especially with box speakers) and on the wall behind the listeners;let your wife pick them. My RaFOTRE is the one volume abridgment,in paper. Make sure you tape the speaker wire where you won't trip over it crumbling pages.(smile)
I have the Piega c-10ltd 11 feet from the back wall and am getting the deepest bass and best soundstage. Where your speakers may look the best most likely they won't sound the best. You don't listen with your eyes. Its fun when you get the biggest upgrade you will ever find without spending a dime