The power of music

I found the reaction of the atendees of the The New York Philharmonic performance in Pyongyang, North Korea rather profound. Maybe it won't have any meaning in the long run, but for me, it was a ray of hope in a dark place.
Its probably easier to spread peaceful intentions through music than military might.
maybe instead of prayers only starting "our father who art in heaven" every day, we should simply repeat "we're all made the same" 10 times (and yet it's still so difficult for us to really believe this simple fact). i often find myself in the middle of the "melting pot" backsliding into old misconceptions about other people- and they're probably struggling at the same time against thinking something similar about me!
I remember watching a kids science show on public tv. They were talking about sending messages into space to see if any other life form might be out there. There were two media for the messages that the scientists presumed any culture sophisticated enough to communicate would understand - mathematics and music.