The Power Company

Would like to hear from all who have one of these unit. are they as good as they say?
Hello, I auditioned one in my home and the next day bought one. I heard and saw immediate improvements in my system. The dynamics in sound dramatically improved and the noise floor was lowered. I connected a Proceed Amp 2, Sony DVP-S7700 DVD, Lexicon DC-1 and Mitsubishi 51" rear projection TV. The picture of the TV improved in detail and color. I am going to add a second in conjuction to evaluate the improvement this provides. I recommend this product wholeheartly and believe this is the best and least expensive upgrade that I have done since I started this hobby.
I read your responce to the r.gray power company. if you or anyone you know are looking for these units, I have (10) in stock. please reply if interested.
Yea ,you can e-mail at [email protected] or call e after 4 est 843-986-9466
I am interested to the r.gray's power company. Where i can see this unit? I need additional info. Please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks.Marco
Please e-mail ([email protected]) me with your selling price on these and payment and shipping terms. As a general rule I support my local dealers but if your price is right I would purchase 1, maybe 2 from you. Are these New, Sealed units? Thanks.
Yeah, they are that good. I too borrowed one overnight and bought it the next day. It was a quantum jump up from my prior stuff--the sound was so much clearer, improved depth, instumental tones were more lifelike, and more dynamic. I would have liked to get the PS Audio P1200 for my ATMA-SPHERE monoblocks but at $3K, they were kind of expensive, versus the $700 for the Power Company. This was just about the best $700 I ever spent. If looking at something for the front end, try the PS Audio P300. See this month's TAS.
for those looking to find the unit, contact brain at or 949-362- 5050