The Poll Winners Ride Again!

Have you heard this?  

I'm a vinyl guy listening to it through digital (Doge 7 DAC), Klipsch Forte III and a Primaluna Dialogue HP.

Good lord this is tasty stuff!

My jaw is on the floor learning this was recorded in 1958.  This is a SUPERB recording.  Dynamics and realism are incredible.  The lack of hiss and distortion are hard to find.
thanks for the heads up jbhiller - this sounds right up my much great recorded music to discover from that era...
It’s killer. I’m glad someone else can discover it. I have heard so much and I’m embarrassed to have missed this all these years.  I’m glad though because I feel like I’ve conquered that era I’m jazz.  The golden age of jazz is golden!
Consider the better discrete r-2-r Dacs, then, and think about one of those in conjunction with a tube preamp.
the R2R dac(s) make a big difference in the direction that vynil folks would like to hear.

I’m pretty set with my tube DAC. It sounds glorious and the Doge 7 beats many I’ve heard. 
Thanks for the nice recommendation.  I gave it a listen tonight.  I really need to listen to Barney Kessel a bit more...I always forget about him.  Really excellent sonics as you point out.  This tracks are quite straightforward bop and not exactly a challenging listen but really perfect for certain evenings!
The "Poll Winners" series are all good.

I have albums with two favorite guitarists-Barney Kessel and Wes Montgomery. All period copies that play like new. Barney Kessel was one of the pre "wrecking crew" who did stuff for many artists,movies and TV.

Just as three_easy _payments said...Great music to set the mood-dinner,hangout w/friends without being districting.