The planets have aligned

I have owned dozens of speakers, subs, amps....and after if feels a lifetime of wondering through the maze of audio gear...I have finally found what works for me. I find myself listening more now to music and watching TV less. The combination of the C&C Abbys and a REL B3 sub is truly magical. Granted I do not listen to heavy rock but for Sarah Vaughn, Dean Martin, The Ames Brothers, Miles Davis......they all LIVE in my den every night. This is also the first time I can listen to music and not have to crank the volume to appreciate the sound. This is the first time I am actually satisfied with what I have. Just wanted to share my excitement. Good listening to all.
Curious as to the rest of your system. Source/Pre/Amps etc? Regardless, whatever they are, I am happy for you. I just got a Spectron Musician III amp and a deHavilland Ultraverve pre and for the first time finally have heard what my Magnepan 20s are really capable of. Magical!
Wonderful to hear. After checking your system page I'm not sure what amp you're pushing the Abbys with.
Wow, that's terrific! You've stayed the path on what sounds like quite a journey. When one is wandering in the darkness, it's always inspiring to hear someone up ahead shout "I see light". Thanks for sharing.
I wish you many hours of pleasant listening.

My own modest rig, assembled over the years with new and used purchases, is making some nice sounds lately. Although imaging could be more stable, I am getting a taste of that elusive combination of detail and sweetness, even with Redbook CDs. I, too, am slowly listening more and watching less. My rig is a combo of 2-channel and HT. The 2-channel chain is a Rotel RCD-02 CDP, Thoren TD-166 MkII w/ Ortofon OM-10 Super, C-J PV-11 pre, Odyssey Audio HT3 (w/cap upgrade), Vandersteen 1C, each with its own Vandy 2Wq sub. Used to be, when I had less than enough time to watch a film, I'd watch some recorded TV shows (Simpsons, South Park, et. al.). Nowadays, I pop in a CD, turn off the lights, and sink into the music. I get a wide soundstage that extends way into the room, tight, deep and tuneful bass, good midrange resolution, nice decay, respectable dynamics, and fairly smooth, extended highs. Even though images tend to jump around a bit, and even though I've heard better high frequency reproduction, I can often lose myself in the music.

Last night, although exhausted, I listended to Porcupine Tree's "Signify." PT uses phase tricks to make some sounds come from all over the room - to the far left, far right, even behind your head. My system did all that so well that most listeners would have thought I was using Dolby PLII for Music in my 7.1 rig. Add in that "Signify" is pretty well produced and mastered for a rock CD, and it was a special experience.

Now, if I could only improve the image definition... ;-)
Bbro and Timrhu ....I have updated my system list. Just click on "system" by my name. I am sold on Almarro amps...all hand made, point to point wiring, no PC boards. It will be a keeper. The Abbys really like this amp. Will have to take photos and post soon.

I am loving this!
Also I would like to add that this combination plays MY kind of music very well. I don't want to mislead anyone in thinking this combination is for any kind of music. If you like intimate, relaxing jazz or lounge music its fantastic. Not so for heavy rock ( I don't listen to ) or very large orchestras. I do play light rock ( Bread, America, Chicago, Hall and Oats ) sounds great.
Wow, so you're Abbys like your Almarro? That's good to know, I'll keep that in mind!