The perfect tonearm match to the Oracle Paris MKII

I own a Oracle Paris a very nice looking and sounding table, the arm is a Jelco/Audioquest SA 250ST, wired with a audioquest quartz, in a typicall Linn armboard, I like the sound however I think a better arm like the Linn Ekos could be a better match to the Paris, or a sme V if the table as a sme armboard. However maybe I have conseidere another options. Opinions please?
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The SME IV or V provides a nice improvement in the bass performance of the light sounding Oracle.
I think the SME V is the better match, however my problem is the armbord, how can I install the SME in a Linn configuration armboard, of my Oracle?
i went from a pt6 to a pt9 audioquest arm wired with audioquest jaguar silver wire, and my paris sounds terrific. the aq arm is also extremely easy to set up and make cartridge changes. it outperforms (in every way) my goldmund studio.
Dear Shade_of_pale: Yes, I agree with you and Narrod about the SME V/IV. Over the time Oracle choose to mate their TT's with SME tonearms, this means synergy that is a desirable subject on the analog system. You can contact directly to Oracle to find the SME arm board.

The Linn Ekos is a very good tonearm too and could be a good alternative to the SME.

Jacob, with all the improvements that you are doing on your ( very nice ) audio system in my humble opinion I think that you could go for the Dyna XV-1 that is a better quality performer than the very good 17D2 that you own.

Regards and enjoy the music.
What a fine collection, I'm surprised, 3 table ,more than 15 arms and 30 cartriges, it´s spectacular, you are a special listener, and I have to admire you. Congratulations for you musical interest, and yours opinions I have to considerer, so mutch equipment you are a expert in all aspects of audio concernes, thanks too to your coments aboult my system and sugestions, anything you could help I aprecciate.
Dear Jabob: Well, this is the " job " of a music lover.
Now, that you will have a better phono stage the XV-1 could give you a " nearer to the music " stage/perception that you could enjoy.

Btw, thx for your gentle words.

regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Raul, I contact Oracle aboult the armboard to my Oracle Paris, and since my armborad is a mdf part, en aLinn configuration, they inform me that if I pretend to install a sme arm , I need to order at Oracle a Sme armbord. I think I'm gonna order the armboard, I think is the best match to my beautiful Oracle, are agree?
Aboult my future ASR Basis Exclusive phonosatge, I hope and think this is one of the best phonos actually, so a cartrige like the top Dynavector it will be a perfect partner, but is expensive in Portugal aboult 4600€, so I have to wait, I need the Sme V arm and a SME armboard, and a good phono cable, I think in the Townshend Audio Isolda cable the Isolda DCT Tonearm cable, did you new this cable?
Thanks again, and regards
Dear Jacob: Good " move ". Yes, the ASR is a good unit and nó I never heard that tonearm cable.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I already order the SME armboard at Oracle, I order too the SME V, and Townshend audio Isolda DCT tonearm cable, to substitue the original SME V tonearm cable, the Latest Van Den Hul MCS 150 wire with, cames with the SME.