The Past 5 years

Digital, cables, ICS, speakers, amps, etc etc. Which area do you feel has shown the greatest growth in actual technology related to better (different) sound in the past 5 years? I'm thinking digital. Any takers? warren :)_
That's a toughie. It's digital or speakers though.
The very best stuff has changed little. It is the low and mid level equipment that has markedly improved. This is bad news for high end dealers because their costly products, even if they are the best, are harder to justify to the majority of buyers.
I'll go with's, cd players and amps... Computer and computer audio/video must be in there to.

redbook cd's..........even on the earliest hardware, the the newer cd's are pretty good. still no vinyl, but pretty good.
I'm thinking digital. It has made me re-think music enjoyment and sent me down the analog path of vinyl and vintage. On the HT side though, it has provided much more video enjoyment.
Digital advances, especially in the very hi end cd players, seem to be closing the gap between analog and digital. Playing cds are getting closer to sounding like vinyl. Not there, of course, but the gap ain't no Grand Canyon anymore...
In digital, the high-end stuff has actually changed a great deal in my opinion.

I vote digital!
I'd guess digital, especially in amplification.
I agree with Jaybo. Some of my earliest cds are a literal pain to listen to. I'm having trouble thinking of a recently released cd with the terrible harshness of some early cds.