The passing of Marianne Barber of Joule Electra

Many of you have had the pleasure of speaking with Marianne Barber when contacting Joule Electra. Unfortunately she passed away this past Sunday. Details available here:

She will be missed by all of us that had the pleasure of knowing her. A very sad and deep loss for Jud.
Very sad, indeed. I never met her, but talked with her several times on the phone....She was always friendly, upbeat and helpful.

My sympathies and thoughts to Jud and the rest of her family.
That is very sad. Jud literally beamed when talking about Marianne, that is very special and rare to find in a relationship. It also points to the fact that she was special as well.

Our thoughts are with you Jud.
Juds love , admiration and respect for his Marianne of 30 years was legendary. As many of you knew and loved the Barbers , it is with deep sadness we must see her go . A brilliant designer that still electrifies the world with his designs , Jud never let his passion and talent for audio eclipse his one and only true love : Marianne Barber . God bless and rest her soul.
I have had many conversations with Marianne who was always helpful and courteous. My thoughts go out to Jud and the family.
Jud and Marianne always treated me like- well, I felt like a family? that I never had, even though we have only met a few times. My condolences as well.
I had the privilege of meeting Marianne on several occasions at the CES show, and she was a fantastic woman: caring, courteous, intelligent, sensitive, and always interested in you. She was just a pleasure to be around.
God bless.
My condolonces to the Barber family.
Although I only spoke to her once or twice, Marianne was gracious and friendly. I know that she meant the world to Jud and that he will miss her terribly.

Things like Marianne Barber's passing make you understand that audio is only a hobby; it isn't supremely important. At the same time, it is a common passion that draws people together. In this case, it gets us to focus on something that is supremely important. Let's all learn something from Jud's love for his wife and make sure we do or say something nice to our families or give them an extra hug.

Jud, his family and Marianne have been very much in my thoughts. Very sad. My condolences to Jud and his family. Time to go upstairs and give my kid a hug.
Very sad. I spoke with her several times on the telephone. She was a truly nice lady. My sympathies to Jud and his family.
I also only spoke with her and can only "me-to" what everybody has said. Life is to short;hug your loved ones more often,(also from above).---(God bless,Jud; our prayers go out to you and yours.)
Great Woman! I live in NC and picked up an amp from Jud personally. Marianne fed me dinner and treated me as family. They say, behind every great man is even a better woman. God bless you Jud, prayers will go out for you.
Jud and Marianne are such kind and gentle souls. My deepest sympathy to Jud and his family. Jeff
Marianne was the soul and inspiration of Joule-Electra and so shall she be forever. She will always be with us. She is in the music of our lives.

With Deepest Respect,

Joe Lavrencik
Yes, a terrible loss for her family and the audio community. God bless.
I met and became friends with Jud nearly 20 years ago. Not long after that I met Marianne and was welcomed into their home. Through the years, I was fortunate to see her many times, either in North Augusta or Las Vegas (CES). Marianne was one of those rare persons who just about everyone instantly liked. That was because she gave what she received, an honest, open-hearted caring about those who entered her life. Just read the responses from those who only met her through one or two phone conversations. As I suggested in another venue, Marianne was like a mother hen, ready to draw her family and friends alike in under her wings.

So as we remember Marianne, let us also remember Jud in this time of tremendous loss. Carry on good buddy with the undying love of a wonderful wife/partner and the empathy and support of more people than you'll ever know.
In 1964, I was working for a chemical company in Augusta Ga. when a young Chemical Engineer came to work at the company. That young engineer was Jud Barber. A fast friendship soon formed between us and we have remained best friends for 43 years. In 1977 Jud married Marianne and this started one of the greatest love affairs ever witnessed.
My wife and I live only 55 miles from Jud and over the years the four of us became family. My wife and I share Jud's grief over the untimely loss of a beautiful, joyful, and lovely lady in every respect.Not only has the Audio world lost a wonderful person and friend, but those of us who knew her personnaly for these many years ,not only feel a great loss, but at the same time we cherish the wonderful memories of shared times together. Marianne will be greatly missed.

I met Jud and Marianne several years ago and became known as one of the "California Guys". Every time I have spent with Jud and Marianne has been one of great love and generosity on their part toward everyone around them. My sympathy goes out to the Barber family. I hope Jud will come out to California and share his great love of music and his talent for creating truly wonderful and musical instruments for us to listen to.
While I don't know Marianne personally, based on the descriptions of her attributes, I'm sure she must have been a great person. While no doubt many will miss her greatly, it is comforting to know that there is no 'death' and that she has gone to a better place.