The panic selling of tube audio had begun.

I think it is a bit crazy. I run tube gear sometimes 12 hours a day and hardly ever have to replace any tubes. My tube amplifiers have been mostly as reliable as stones and maybe more so than my SS gear since I've had failures with that. And none with any of the 70 or so tube amps pres etc I have owned over the last 35 years. I design loudspeakers so run my amps much and have to have a wide selection of types. Still while sad for those who panic easily it's an opportunity to pick up low priced tube kit and after a week or so I will most likely be making some lower offers on ads till I get a bite. So if thinking of selling your tube gear because you feel no more tubes ever please do so I have my eyes on a few amps maybe it will be yours.

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I was shocked to see someone wanting to sell their tube gear. I get buying extra tubes if only available for Russia. But tube gear is, as you say incredibly reliable. Retuning is not required often. I have a box of extra tubes I bought in days past, just in case and never used. Besides I am sure someone in China and Japan have already started working on designing some Russian only tubes. I am sure supply will quickly appear.

I just tried the website of a major internet tube house and their site is down, overwhelmed with traffic and orders.

Tube article Tubes - Where are they made

I fortunately had some new tubes along with some primo NOS gold but I picked up a bunch of tubes this week.   No way I'm selling my babies.   I actually have two tube preamps that I want to sell, and I'm including some spares with each.... I think I am going to hold off on selling them because they really are great pieces and I really don't want to compete with the sales of a bunch of other tube "fire sale" panic sales

I think with all the guitar players out there that still want tubes , there might be a drought but I think it will be short lived , or hope so anyway

Can’t wait to see everyone sell their Faberge Eggs and Russian Nesting Doll a loss. 😀