The Palladian-A step beyond

The new cartridge from Acoustical Systems may finally be the LOMC to fully realise the theoretical advantages of the genus.
And convince those long-suffering audiophiles to whom the 'modern' MC presentation has been anathema to 'live sound'....that the realism of vintage LOMCs like the SPUs and FR-7 series has finally been recaptured 👀
Back to Palladian and away from Leonard...
Just listened to Stanley Clarke's SchoolDays, in the 2011 Sony (Epic) version, mastered from the original tapes, with the Palladian. If you ever wanted to know how a bass should sound you need that combination...
Dear @thuchan : """  If you ever wanted to know how a bass should sound you need that combination..."""

NO, if you want to know how bass should sound what you need is to listen it in a near field position played LIVE .

What define the home system quality bass level performance is not a " cartridge/LP " combination but the overall room/system combination that at least I do not know for sure the quality you have in your system. I have only an idea because the diferent system audio links you have especially on the analog front end and speakers but in some ways electronics too.

This is for you only and with all my humble attitude and in good shape: if you want to know how should sound the bass in a home system take a fligth to my place to listen it and an additional bonus is that you can visit some interesting tourist places that exist in México.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC,

Live is where it's at.  Git to NYC or get your hometown to play some great

live music.  It's a shame what some towns call the real deal.     

Recorded music is a minification of a real musical event.   A studio session is a real musical event, so what's the difference?


I have already seen all the wonderful places in Mexico.Thanks.
You may invite Mr. Trump convincing him that free trade and not building up walls and censorship may be the better way - if that matches with your philosophy too??

Regarding the Palladian you should hear it first. Then you will change your assessment in case you are disburdened of historical experiences.
I can only think that someone served Trump a bad taco, somewhere back in his childhood.  And he's still vomiting.

Meantime, yes to live music.  Dynamics and more dynamics.