The Palladian-A step beyond

The new cartridge from Acoustical Systems may finally be the LOMC to fully realise the theoretical advantages of the genus.
And convince those long-suffering audiophiles to whom the 'modern' MC presentation has been anathema to 'live sound'....that the realism of vintage LOMCs like the SPUs and FR-7 series has finally been recaptured 👀
Dear @bluewolf : Yes, this is a hobby and for some one of us a really serious hobby.

Btw, not here but everywhere I can't remember that some gentleman whom invested megabuks dollars in an audio item dislikes it or comment against it.

 Please, follow enjoying that: what you like because at the end what is important is exactly that and not what other people could think about.

Regards and enjoy the music,

Dear @fleib : Don’t " distress with that " touted " alignment true information with facts that can prove what he said.

Let me explain on that, a little:

as I said he is more a marketing expert and " talk man " than a true analog expert.

In the past when posting here he always talks of: " the master him self " in reference to some one in Japan ( he never gave the name. ) or "" for man years every one in Japan knew that FR alignment " in reference to change the pivot to spindle distance for around 2mm. ( only a manipulation. ) but the first time he posted he gave him the primice to thing on that ( discovery by hi9m self ) but latter on and trhough the net appeared that he was liying endorsing him as the author. He always: bla, bla, bla, thinking all the people around the world are stupid or have not internet or he think no one can navegate through to read the true.

Here you can read of what I said here:

all those were coments on what dertonarm osted.

We can read even on his " scientist and engeneering " so high levels here:

in that thread kirkus hitted him too. Where are his scientist/engennering high level?.

He never showed and even today inside his products he still can’t. He is a clever person taking ( always ) advantage of audiophiles high ignorance level as his " bandwagon gentlemans ".

Look how clever. In his site he shows a comparison made it by Gecom of germany between his Smartractor and two other tractors to show that his product is " unique " and this is what we can read there:


First we made a measurement of a combined alignment with the Ortofon and Clearaudio protractors. The summary klirr factor (distortion factor) was measured and weighted over the whole record side.

The result was 1.22 % distortion.

Following this we aligned the very same tonearm/cartridge combination with the SMARTractor and repeated the measurement.

The result was 0.48% distortion. """

for any rookie that was : OOH!. First that was an average measure and second the spindle hole in those protractors are wrong and they showed this:


One of the least expensive protractors is from Ortofon.

With this protractor the spindle hole was way too large. """ and the other:


the protractor made by Clearaudio.

The effective length of the tonearm is marked in steps of 1 mm - with a resolution of 0.2 mm.

The center drill for the spindle has significant play - approximately 0.5 mm """

MINT LP protractor that’s very inexpesive and highly accurated can meet at least that 0.48% distortion touted by him in his Smartractor. Again bla, bla, bla and more blabla.

Over his audio life that’s what he did it and not only taking advantage of my ignorance level but the in good people faith like this:

@chad-rutherford , interesting all those.

Regards and enjoy the music,

Btw, he said that Analog Planet is wrong about the unidin alignment comparison.

Two things there: first was not M.Fremer but Wally ( the Wallyprotractor designer. ) and second why if is something wrong ( as he stated. ) with a public comparison in a product he has on sale not go there and posted why is wrong???? at the end M.Fremer site is very well regarded.

makes sense to you?

Sitll more bla, bla, bla

Raul, good documentation. I wasn't aware of those threads you linked to. There's always a danger in trying to justify subjective opinion(s) with science, especially when it's phony science. The posts by Mark Kelly are interesting. 

I already resolved the alignment thing, at least to my satisfaction, without bothering to verify anything. Here's my post a few days ago on Audio Circle:

My previous comments about UNI DIN alignment might be incorrect. Brakemeier claims Analog Planet nulls are wrong. My comments are based on Fremer's published information or misinformation as the case may be. Maybe his friend Wally Whatisname screwed up?

I'll cut to the chase. Although Brakemeier claims that one null can not be calculated from the other and they don't conform to traditional geometry, I think he's full of it. This is a smoke screen. If there is one null, there has to be another or the alignment would be unlistenable. I suspect the point of alignment on his template is not actually the null and that's why Mikey screwed up, if in fact he did. 

Brakemeier is a cleaver fellow and he claims intellectual property for this alignment. Good luck with that one Mr. Brakemeier. I think you might have delusions of grandeur.
Anyway, the giant table looks awesome and I suspect Acoustical Systems will sell a bunch of their carts at $10K/pop, maybe some arms and alignment devices. They will have to settle for that.***

It's also interesting that the protractor was compared to the Clearaudio  device. I read a post somewhere that claimed, the CA protractor is flawed because the line of alignment to the arm pivots is incorrect - misplaced.  This looks like it's the case, but I've never used or seen either of these.

Despite any history you might have with Dertonarm  AKA Dietrich Brakemeier, I think this cart should be judged on its merits. You might have a hard time convincing Acoustical Systems cartridge owners that their ears are deceiving them. The rest is history or conjecture.


Dear fleib, ''value judgment'' are not truth functional. That is why

we are allowed to like blonds or brunettes or whatever cart we

like. So what is subjective or objective (aka ''scientific'') is difficult

to practice in our hobby. Anyway one can easilly discriminate

between those who like and dislike Dertonarm. Those who don't

like the guy use terms as ''innovation'', ''patent'' ,''intellectual property''

  etc. in order to denay his merits. There is however  the term 

''craftsmanship'' which we do use in the context of the retips and also

by those ''grandmasters'' like Takeda, Ikeda,  Allearts, etc. by

 whom we don't care if they ever made any  patent application.

As we know or can know Dertonarm designed and produced

Apolite TT, Arche headshell, Uni Din, two tonearms and 4 MC

carts. His most rigurous critic, the Mexican however never

produced anything. What he claims is desigend and made by his

Sanco Panza. Those who are familiar with the Mexican oracle

 know this by the so called ''inside information''. Your ''scietific

approach'' is alas not relevant because you have no experience

with any of Dertonarm's products so you can only guess or

 speculate about them in the best philosophical tradition with

 many ''ifs''. 

Addition, I forget to mention the clear diffrence between the

dramatis personae in my last post. Dertonaram is without any

question an professioanal manufacturer while Fleib and Raul are

amateurs like the most of us.