The Palladian-A step beyond

The new cartridge from Acoustical Systems may finally be the LOMC to fully realise the theoretical advantages of the genus.
And convince those long-suffering audiophiles to whom the 'modern' MC presentation has been anathema to 'live sound'....that the realism of vintage LOMCs like the SPUs and FR-7 series has finally been recaptured 👀
A pensive post Lewm..🤔
And one which I think the 'High-End Cabal' (which includes reviewers) would like dismissed 🙈
I have just today, conducted a mini-shoot-out between the Sony XL-55, Sony XL-88 (both renowned LOMCs from the Golden Age of analogue-70s-80s) and one of my favourite MM cartridges (also from the same age)..the Victor Z1 fitted with the SAS stylus.
In two contest 😎
The Victor has all the immediacy and involvement of 'live' music combined with the delicacy, depth, spatial imagery and speed that are commonly used to describe LOMCs....
Yet I have perhaps a dozen other vintage MMs which are virtually as good as the Z1/SAS and each one can be had for a maximum price of $400...😝
The real question does the Victor compare to the Palladian....❓👀

For me, it may be no coincidence that the MC cartridges I like most have tended to be those with high-ish compliance, compared to their brethren.

**Why do they dominate the high end? **

I think you know.  Despite their limitations, "they do have the undeniable virtue of costing more." 

What would you use on your Thorens  or Goldmund Reference, a Shure V15?  How about a beautiful Koetsu to adorn that throne, and when the tip wears you get a replacement for half price. The sound is lush, and dare I say romantic?  Not your cup of tea?  Maybe a Veritas will get those high frequencies for the hard of hearing. Too forward?  Then the Benz is for you. You'll get perspective like you wouldn't believe. It sounds as if your stereo is across the street, but it's perfect for those Altec horns in that small room of yours above the garage.  It's a shame, but the wife is sensitive you know.

**Why do they dominate the high end? **

I think you know. Despite their limitations, "they do have the undeniable virtue of costing more."

You've both got it.....😎
When those with 'means', have $200,000 speakers driven by $160,000 monoblocks with $40,000 line-stages preceded by $20,000 phono-stages driven by $120,000 turntables with $35,000 is unthinkable to run it all with a $600 MM cartridge...😱
So I don't blame the cartridge manufacturers.....
They essentially have no choice.
It's not a question of 'how' a cartridge sounds.....
The only question is...."Does it sound good enough to justify a $10,000-$18,000 price-tag?"
Because no-one who buys a high-end LOMC will ever compare it to a $300 vintage MM or even a $1,500 vintage LOMC in their 1/2 million dollar systems.
And those that do......will rarely be taken seriously 😴
So of course the 'wannabe high-end' audiophiles who can never afford the costs associated with a full-blown high-end system, can just possibly stretch to the 'same' esoteric LOMC (or its close relative).
In this way.....having a $4,000-$6,000 LOMC on their $3,000 tonearm on their $2,500 turntable makes them believe that they are approaching the analogue 'nirvana' of their brethren.
While the majority of audiophiles running their $200-$900 modern MM cartridges are wondering if they will ever taste the 'joys' of the LOMC elite.....
And so it will continue to be.....👐
Dear @fleib : """  Given your criteria for a great cart (sounding live), you might like the Acoustical Systems offerings? """

NO, I do not and for very good reasons:

knowing the audio history of the AS owner his products is and reflects ( can't do in a diferent way because if diferent then all what he personally  " touted " was totally a lier/false ) his music-audio preferences/priorities: mega-heavy weigth BD TTs, love for FR 66 tonearm performance quality level, tube and SUT technology on electronics, etc, etc, and his extremely high marketing level along : bla, bla, bla, bla with out evidence that can prove what he said/say ( here on Agon he never gaves any single " scientific " evidence of what he " touted " and when he always said he had a very high scientist/engeneering levels. ).

The today members of his " bandwagon " here in Agon and elsewhere in the net are the same for years. Ignorant people about real and true music/sound reproduction, nothing more.

The reviews here reflects exactly that, all them including him : LOVES VERY HIGH DISTORTIONS .

In the next links we can read what true cartridge designer experts contribute and contributed ( real knowledge levels and its own growing up history with real facts as foundation. ) through many many years doing that, even VDH invented the VDH stylus profile/shape: VDH 1 and VDH 2 that are under patents. Read this and read the Palladian description and you and any one else can understand what I mean about:

Btw, any one can " make " a new cartridge: you, Halcro or me can do it, just ask one of the few builders out side as Scan-Tech and that's it: the new FLEIB cartridge flagship.

Regards and enjoy the music,