The Palladian-A step beyond

The new cartridge from Acoustical Systems may finally be the LOMC to fully realise the theoretical advantages of the genus.
And convince those long-suffering audiophiles to whom the 'modern' MC presentation has been anathema to 'live sound'....that the realism of vintage LOMCs like the SPUs and FR-7 series has finally been recaptured 👀
It's late, a long day and I have an early flight to your country. I assume that it is hot?

Compliance  measured in um/mN
I think I have the units right? Please excuse me if I haven't.

So for a given force we have a measured deflection.
It takes more force (effort) to move a low compliance cartridge a given distance.

So when playing a record, a low compliance cart will need a higher force applied to the stylus to make it move. We want the cart body to stay still while this is happening so it must absorb this energy. Which in turn means the arm has to deal with this as well.

When playing a record, a high compliance doesn't necessarily mean more movement at the motor end of the stylus. The opposite is also not necessarily true. 
It depends upon the geometry of the suspension and where the mag or coils are.
This with all the usual caveats of compatible arm, etc


Halcro,  Even if the movements on the stylus end are similar, I think we  need to look at the stylus/cantilever as a system, a vibrator.  That might sound funny, but that's exactly what it is. That little guy has to vibrate 20,000 times per second to achieve 20KHz. To think that some carts have response to three times that or more is hard to conceive, but it's true.


Raul, Given your criteria for a great cart (sounding live), you might like the Acoustical Systems offerings?  I try to keep an open mind, but like you, won't endorse something I haven't heard or jump on some bandwagon. Have you heard any of the other AS models?

I have to withdraw my analysis of uni-din alignment, at least for now. I have reason to believe it might be based on false information - the 63.3 and 112.5mm nulls.  More on this later.


Dear @fleib : Here are the calculations to achieve those null points that every one can have and use in any tonearm:

you can read the null points values in the number charts under Löfgren B status.

@halcro there is the " invent " of your " friend " !!!!!!!!. As usual with: a fraud.

Now, that you know how to do it you can play " inventing new " kind of alignments.

Regards and enjoy the music,