The Palladian-A step beyond

The new cartridge from Acoustical Systems may finally be the LOMC to fully realise the theoretical advantages of the genus.
And convince those long-suffering audiophiles to whom the 'modern' MC presentation has been anathema to 'live sound'....that the realism of vintage LOMCs like the SPUs and FR-7 series has finally been recaptured 👀
Being able to unravel the Stephen Stills or Respighi implies omission, like the natural sounding presentation of a 103 with it's aluminum cantilever and conical tip. 

Always dangerous to speculate without hearing.....🚫
A trait of someone south of the border.....❓😎
The "unravelling" is definitely the result of extracting MORE information and somehow distorting 'less'....
I have the DL-103R and I can assure you there are simply no similarities. 

Obviously the words "guessing" and "implies" means it's conjecture, but it's a possibility, a likely one.

"Implies" is a logical conclusion, not a conjecture...

Find a master tape dub of the recordings in question and you'll find out.

Why would he or anyone bother? If the cartridge makes previously unlistenable records listenable that alone should be great, but it also extracts more information. Most would be very happy and just enjoy listening.

**I never understood why someone might prefer a "revealing" component? Is the objective to find flaws in recordings & other gear or to enjoy music? **

Revealing is to expose information otherwise hidden. Too revealing is a consequence of limitations in the equipment or recording. 

**"Implies" is a logical conclusion, not a conjecture...**

Imply is a suggestion without direct evidence or explicit reference.

I suppose you think "guessing" means it's a foregone conclusion, but it doesn't.

We now have a grand total of 2 reviews including Halcro's. I said all along I believe his assessment, but we all have different sensibilities.

To divert a little.......
It is widely accepted (even by some cartridge manufacturers) that a low-compliance cartridge puts more energy into the tonearm....
My experiences through a dozen tonearms and over sixty cartridges of all types, show that high-compliance cartridges tend to sort the good from the bad tonearms far more readily.
Trying to understand why.........could it not be that the higher movement in the cantilever (both vertical and horizontal) results in an equally greater reaction (according to Newton) that the tonearm needs to oppose?
If may indeed be that the higher compliance MM cartridges put more stress into the tonearm and thus require a better tonearm than low-compliance MCs.....?
Against all current folklore admittedly.....😱

Wouldn't the amplitude (movement) of the cantilever be the same for both families of cartridge?
Maybe the observed differences have another explanation?