The owner of Grant Fidelity is battling cancer

Just an FYI. I just found this out now. I have no affiliation with Grant Fidelity. I do own a GF DAC-09 that I find very enjoyable. I'm just putting this out there.

Sat, 12/01/2012 - 12:21 — Grant Fidelity

With great sadness, I am letting all previous and future customers know that Ian Grant, one of the founders of Grant Fidelity has recently been diagnosed with advanced stage cancer in spine, liver and lungs . Cancer has severely damaged Ian's spine so under doctor's strict instruction, he can no longer handle anything more than 10lbs of weight. Myself as Ian's life partner will be at his side to support him fighting with cancer in the coming time for whatever it takes. Needless to say, this devastating event will result in major changes in the business of Grant Fidelity.
Ian and myself will need to free up time from the business of Grant Fidelity for Ian's cancer treatment immediately. He has made the choice of receiving alternative cancer treatment which will offer better life quality than conventional radiation and chemotherapy. The alternative cancer treatments are not covered by health insurance, hence we will need to raise cash from quick sale of inventory so that Ian can have the best chance possible to win this battle with advanced cancer.

First of all, Grant Fidelity is NOT shutting down. We are making changes to meet the new challenges. Ian is NOT giving up on this battle with cancer and neither am I. We both have been working full time on Grant Fidelity for the past years and have enjoyed meeting many wonderful friends through the business. Many of them have expressed their support to us after hearing the news and we couldn't say enough 'thank you' to their kindness.
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Thanks for posting Jedinite24. I'm a past Grant Fidelity customer, and also had the pleasure of meeting Ian at the first California Audio Show. He's a real gentleman and very passionate about audio. I wish him well in his battle.
Having lived through a cancer ordeal with my own wife 11 years ago, my heart goes out to Ian and his family. I wish him all the best.
Warm wishes an d best of luck to you as you wage this battle.
Sad to hear, especially around this time of year. Here's to hoping the alternative therapy works and he's rewarded with a timely recovery.
My thoughts are with you and yours, Ian.

All the best,
Our prayers are with Ian and Rachel in this time.

Here's hoping the treatment will turn the tide of the cancer, and keep him with us many a year going forward.
Best wishes to Ian! One of the great guys in this business.

Get well Soon!
Never dealt w or met Mr. Grant or heard any of his products, but if you are "watching"- best of luck to you and wishing you a return to health in 2013.
From the web site

Sun, 06/08/2014 - 18:38 — Grant Fidelity
Update about Ian's cancer journey:

I am now mostly at local hospice to take care of Ian for his final life journey while cancer is taking away his physical body from this dimension. It is beyond sadness to see he is fading away from my life.

One can go to the website for the entire entry.
I hate cancer! Having lost a wife to ovarian cancer 10 years ago, I am totally empathic to what Mr. Grant, his family and close friends are feeling. I pray HaShem grants peace and healing to all who are affected by this tragedy.

My heart goes out to him and his loved ones.
Saddened and angry about this. Glad I am an atheist as I could never reconcile this terror with most people's concept of God.
Noromance - you are not alone. Believers experience similar emotions facing situations like this. My wife's mom and my dad succumbed to this disease. So far as I can tell, there are no easy reconciliation (at least not in this life anyway). Just ask Job. Faith bridges the gap.
It is a sad day for the industry Ian as lost his battle with cancer thursday july 31st RIP my friend keep the faith Rachel.
Damn. May Ian RIP and Rachel carry on with great strength. Very sad day indeed.

I lost track of this thread and haven't had time to follow Ian's struggles. I appreciate the updates.
I've lost so many good people to cancer I cannot count. The worst was my two Aunt's and my Mom.

No easy way to deal with a disease that has no mercy on the innocent and loved.
Sad to here of the passing of Ian. I spoke to him a few times about his products. Always a gentleman.

Cancer is a brutal disease that has no limits on it's victims. The toughest was learning last Sunday that my daughters best friend succumbed to the brain cancer she was fighting. 27yrs young!

Prayers for Rachel may she be comforted at this time of loss.

Extremely sad news indeed. Our prayers go out to he and Rachel.
Sorry to hear the sad news. I will plant some flowers in his memory.