The original first Hydra with Elrod statement

The original first Shunyata Hydra with Elrod statement.
I just wonder if the Elrod statement is the best choice for the first original Shunyata Hydra with the Nema twist lock.
Please guys give me your thoughts
The Elrod Statement is a great power cord, and the original Hydra is a great power conditioner. Is the Elrod Statement the best choice? Only you can answer that question. 'The Best' is very subjective.
Do you own this combination, or are you looking at buying it?

I use the original Hydra with an Elrod EPS 2 Sig (to which David Elrod attached a NEMA connector) and it works very well. I would think a Statement would work even better. I run the EPS 2 Sig to a PS Audio UO, and then a Statement from the UO into the wall and I have been happy with this setup for 3 years, a new record for longevity in audiophilia romance! The Statement is a SOTA cord.

My concern with this combination would be the (literal)weight, and stiffness of the Statement; i.e., with the NEMA twist lock a power cord can untwist and break contact. If you go this route, my suggestion would be changing the NEMA out for an IEC.
Jfz, There is no way to change out the NEMA that I know of, unless you can get in from the back. Maybe you could use an adapter. Shunyata says that if there is a problem with an original Hydra, they would have to break one of the sides, top or bottom to get inside the unit---it is a permanently sealed piece. Very elegant looking though... I thought about sending mine in for a checkup about a year ago. You might be able to get the nema out, rewire, and put in an IEC, if the IEC is about the same size and shape. My original Hydra has been a permanent part of my system for about two years. I'm using a Shunyata Anaconda Alpha Helix with mine-- It's very dynamic, musical and has good separation of instruments.
I didn't know that about the NEMA in the original Hydra, Talon4.

Rademaker: I can tell you that I use an Elrod Signature 3 with my original Hydra, and still love the combination. I have tried other conditioners since buying the Hydra, and prefer the original in conjunction with the Walker Velocitor.
thx so far guys, but till now nobody had answered when using original hydra with elrod statement ?
04-26-07: Rademaker
thx so far guys, but till now nobody had answered when using original hydra with elrod statement ?

I doubt will get an answer, as this is an intriguing, but very unlikely combination, mostly due to the Hydra's NEMA connector. I highly doubt that there is anyone who has heard this combination.

Good luck,
BTW - What is the difference between the Elrod Signature 2 and the Elrod Signature 3?

I keep looking but never find an answer.

John - surely you know this one.
Dave, the EPS-2S is designed for lower current devices (cdp, preamp, etc), whereas the EPS-3S is designed for higher current applications (amps, power conditioners, etc).

i had an original Hydra with the base EPS-3 Elrod power cord......which i liked. a friend brought over his NEMA equiped Elrod Statement and it was waaay better. lower noise floor, much more dynamic, and better 'boggie' factor.

the Statement is the way to go on the fact the Statement is an ideal cord for any power conditioner.

note; i never tried the Signature on the Hydra.