The Orb......Metallic Spheres

This recording may not appeal to a lot of you, but if you want to listen to something that will strut your systems stuff, listen to this. The sound stage is very wide and deep and there is some very low bass in it that will make your speakers dig deep. It sounds a lot like early Pink Floyd with a lot of sounds and just people noodling with their instruments, in fact, David Gilmour joined The Orb for this recording. It’s a great way to spend 49 minutes.
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"The Orb is cool, but probably not for the masses."

Yeah, that's what appeals to me. Can't wait to check them out.
I’m about 3 minutes into Metallic Spheres. I will definitely be listening to it in it’s entirety. Very cool! 
I listened to it at work yesterday.  Played at fairly low volume and my office system is not the best setup for bass, soundstage, etc.  I played a few minutes of it on my system last night and the house started shaking.  I better play that one a little earlier in the day so as not to upset the neighbors.
Baclagg thanks, I like ambient "house" music. have you tried Shpongle???
The Orb's Adventures beyond the Ultraworld was a game changer for me back in the 90's. Opened the door to Underworld, Roald Velden, and others.