The one that got away-

Ever regret not buying something?

I was once offered two Marantz 10b tuners. $1200-

I passed as I was content with my Onkyo 9090mkII.The onkyo is long gone, but had I jumped on it I bet at least one 10b would still be here.

On the other hand I did get a great deal once- someone put a deposit on a piece of gear. More than a year passed and the buyer never came back for it. The store could not locate the guy who gave the deposit. I was offered the piece for the normal sale price less the deposit. That I grabbed.
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Ever regret not buying something?

I've bought waaaay too much stuff over the years as it is. I regret buying quite a few things. I can't think of anything I regret NOT buying.

Yes, many years ago had a Cary CAD 300 SEI in my house, and could have bought it very cheap. I just didn't have a suitable speaker for this SET, so passed on the purchase. Now even earlier models, like the one had, sell for much more than I would have paid.

As far as tuners, I did buy a HH Scott 4310 many years ago for $500, and now they sell in that Marantz 10b price range, and sometimes higher.