The ole fan trick.

Has anybody used this method on burning power cables.I am on my last powercable for source(how many times have i said that?) and a fellow audiophile suggested hooking a fan up to my power conditoner turn it on high and for how long.Im wondering does it really work.
I don't think a (room?) fan is a big enough load (unless it's a whopper of a fan!) to burn in your power cable. And depending on the capacity of your conditioner, running a big enough load off it to burn in your cable might not be a good idea.

You could just run your amp with your source power cord for awhile or what a lot of people do which is easy and safe is to buy (or make) a little IEC adapter (IEC male to 3-prong AC female) which will enable you to daisy-chain your power cord onto your refrigerator or room air-conditioner power cord. 3 days to a week of that and you're good to go ;-)
As Nsgarch said and I agree.
I prefer to hook up a power cord to my refrigerator (us an adapter) and let it run for a week to 10 days.
I hook up to a refrigerator also for a couple of weeks....
Thanks guys for your responses...that seems to be the way to go.
I use the clothes dryer with the adapter. It works great!
I use fridge or AC (any heavy load appliance). Seasons the cords quickly. Of course you could use a pure class-A Amp...