The OHM Speakers and Class D amp thread

I am interested to hear peoples experiences with OHM speakers and various Class D amps. I've found this to be a very synergistic pairing in my home and want to hear how others are doing with OHM speakers and various CLass D amp products, especially as the Class D amp technology continues to grow and evolve.

My Class D amps do similarly well with my other speakers as well and shares some similar traits among all but sound uniquely different in each case as well as one would expect.
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Hi Mapman,

Based on your system and posts in the forum through the years I took the dive and put Red Dragon M1000 V1 Class D monoblocks with a pair of Ohm Walsh MicroWalsh Short SEs. My front end is heavy with tubes though. Before this setup I had a Hafler 9505 mated with the Ohm Walsh's and I really like the Red Dragon pairing ALOT more. More sparkle in the highs and the bass is more enjoyable.

I'm hoping others can chime in with their Class D amp pairings with their Ohm Walsh speakers.
Hey Mapman - enjoy your posts. I have a pair of Ohm 2.2000s (vintage 2 cabinets with new 2000 drivers) and await the arrival (tomorrow, Joaquin-willing) of a Class D Audio SDS 470C amplifier. Will let you know how it goes.
It's very early on, but so far I'm very, very impressed with the Class D 470. Expected the bass grip and power in the low end, but didn't expect the spaciousness and soundstage benefits. Timbres are very accurate as well. Hearing things out of my Ohms that I've never heard before. Very impressive.
No Ohm`s here BUT I do have a Class D Audio 470.
The width and depth is pretty amazing !

Even though Tom doesn`t believe in break-in, it will indeed improve after some time has been put on it.
Leave it on full time too.

I'm very interested in how things turn out. Please keep us posted. Were you using other amps prior?
Scm - I have left it on since I first plugged in. Will run it for a couple of more days while I'm out of town & see if it makes a difference. I continue to be impressed by the depth and imaging - especially between the speakers, which can be a bit difficult at times to dial in on the Ohms.

Mapman - This is the first Class D amp I've had in my system, and it is an enlightening experience. I had previously run it with an Anthem 225 integrated (a very underrated amp), an Unico Secondo hybrid, and Parasound separates, all of which had their virtues...but there's a finesse and musicality to this combo (the 470 with upgraded caps fronted by an Eastern Electric Minimax) that I'm not sure I ever heard from previous iterations of my rig. I've only listened at low- to moderate volumes so far (my neighbors have been home, so I've not really opened things up), but I'm more than intrigued. Another great feature of the 470s is the adjustable gain pots on the back...the EE MM has a ton of gain, so the ability to dial back is a bit of a godsend...
Mapman - I had the opportunity to borrow a pair of Arion Audio RS-500 amps for about two weeks a couple of years ago. In comparison to my Odyssey Audio HT3 (with cap upgrade - a wonderful pairing with my Ohm 2000s, btw), the Arions sounded at least as good overall. Plenty of dynamic punch, no Class D issues that I could hear. They were perhaps a bit softer on HF transients than my HT3, but in no way did I find them sluggish or lacking in detail. I know the designer/seller, Mike Kallelis, and I recommend the Arions without reservation. Certainly worth an audition.