The Nylons "One Size Fits All" is still a favorite...and more...

I was able to see them live several times (with the original .  Their album, "One Size Fits All" is a good 
one rather acapella is something you enjoy or not.  The follow up albums with other members 
are o.k., but I feel this one is the pinnacle. 

I love them! I confess I'd forgotten about them and haven't listened to them for 20 years. I will be streaming them tonight if they're on Tidal.
Thanks Patrick.  Their original albums were the better ones.  I saw them in Milwaukee, Madison, Wi. 3 times and Cedar Rapids once.  I had the lifetime pleasure of seeing them with my best friend once and since he passed from cancer it is one of my favorite memories.  From live music to the best audio systems we could afford Chris and I shared much of the culture of good music, good food, fast cars and racing at Road America.  A rare friendship that shared much including out mates and children. 
..fuzz, thanks for the suggestion on the Blenders.  I am not familiar with them but will do so.

At one time the was a female group, The Chenille Sisters....

I knew I had “One Size Fits All” but I doubt I ever played it.  Pulled it out because of this thread.  It is wonderfully recorded and the harmonies are fabulous.  I appreciate Agon now more for the music suggestions and reminders.  Thanks