The Nitty Gritty Record Cleaner??

I have one, It cleans both sides of the record at the same time.
I've been happy with it, but I notice most people have VPI's.
I know some people are concerned with the felt pads trapping contaminants, but I clean those off and ocasionally change them.

Am I missing something?
No your not but the Nitty Gritty is. Having had one and gone up the Loricraft model, the difference is cleaning ability is not to be guessed at.
Can not speak about the VPI model but the Loricraft does it for me.
I never had the NG that did both sides. Mine was the base one side at a time model. I traded up to the VPI 16.5 and am much happier with it. I reqally can't say if it gets the record any cleaner but it is much easier to use. I do like the fact that I can scrub right on the platter also I feel it also adds the advantage of watching the fluid vacuum off and knowing when it is done. I would say unless your unhappy and don't have money burning a hole in your pocket stay with what you have. If it ain't broke....
I have the Nitty Gritty one sided el cheapo model that is sold by Audio Advisor. I have used a number of VPIs at friends' houses, stores, etc. I don't find that the VPI gets records any cleaner. There are pluses and minuses with 'ease of use' with either the Nitty Gritty or the VPI. If money were no object I would buy the Loricraft. However, since money is limited, I prefer the el cheapo Nitty Gritty. I cleaned 6,000 LPs before I had to replace my first one. My second el cheapo has cleaned 4,000 LPs and is still going strong.

I just hit two thrift stores today and have another 30 LPs to clean. So many records, so little time.
The thing I don't like about my NG is the vacuum motor is so loud! Are the VPI and/or Lori quieter?
My first Nitty Grity was in service from the early 1980s until 2004. It was still going strong but I saw a deal on Audiogon for a Record Doctor II (Audio Advisor's version of the Nitty Gritty) and couldn't pass it up. Works fine and I have no desire for anything else. Yep, it's noisy. Dave
I too use the NG and it works great for me to, and has for the past 3 years or so.
(Although to be honest, I prefer to clean my vinyl first with my DD brushes, and just vacuum the records dry with the NG, as opposed to letting the machine both clean and dry the record.)
And yes, they are loud, but so is the VPI, although the Loricraft is much quieter.
And like Rgordonpf, if I had the spare cash, I would get the loricraft, but at $2K, I usually find other things to spend my money on, like vinyl, or other audio components, food, my kid, or my wife. (And yeah, in pretty much in that order!)
I think that Theo has stated it correctly, that the VPI is a bit more convenient to use, as you can clean the record right on the RCM platter, instead of having to find an uncluttered table to use to clean the record on, before putting it on the NG. (For a couple of hundred dollars, I can clear a table off, and spend that money on more vinyl.)
I've had a NG 2.5 since 1986 and have been quite happy with it. Had to send it back to Nitty Gritty about 5 years ago for a new motor - original crapped out - but that was after many years of heavy use. I do agree with Nsgarch: it *is* a bit on the noisy side.

SOTA's RCM hasn't been mentioned. Anyone have any experience with that one? I've got a SOTA Saphire TT and am very happy with build quality/sound. Curious as to the RCM, in case the need arises to replace the NG.
I've had a NG 2.5(?) for many years and now run a VPI 16.5. I find using the VPI is easier to clean a record thoroughly and you can get a better rinse. It's more money, probably as load and because of its platter can cross contaminate the bottom side of the record that you just cleaned as you are cleaning the other side, but with a little care this is a non issue. I find it overall a much more pleasurable experience, especially if there are quite a few records to be washed at one time. An excellent investment. Cheers!
I have had the Record Doctor (Nity Gritty), VPI 16.5, and now a Nitty Gritty 1.5fi. They are all noisy at about the same level.
The VPI, as mentioned, allows for manual scrubbing on the platter. It is however large and industrial looking. The Nitty Gritty is much smaller and decor friendly, if that matters.
They both clean about the same from my experience.
i have the record doctor II, and i scrub my records on the platter, as long as you keep your brush parallel with the vacuum strip, you can do it