the next step--20 amp circuit

I've upgraded components (most are close to the best I can afford), changed from a long speaker run/short interconnect configuration to the opposite (long XLR and short speaker cables), upgraded the cables at the same time, done the isolation bit, changed to hospital grade cryogenically treated outlets (my girlfriend just shakes her head) etc...

So, the next logical step I suppose is better power.

What are the key elements on which to focus (amperage,type of wire,etc)...

And, does anyone have recommendations on a good electrician who's done this in the Tidewater area of Virginia? Since my house is on a crawl space I hope to avoid a bunch of holes in walls...


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Markphd, technically you CAN put 15 ampere outlets on a 20 ampere circuit, PROVIDED THAT IT'S NOT THE ONLY OUTLET ON THE CIRCUIT. If it is the only outlet, then it needs to advertise the full 20A capacity. Otherwise, the idea is that the load will most likely be distributed, and a 15A outlet will only fit devices that will pull less than 15A.

But for practical purposes, I agree, spend the extra 50 cents and get a 20A outlet. Better yet, spend the extra $2 and get a commercial-grade outlet that will hold plugs better.