The Next CD Player Recommendation

Now I am looking for my next CD player. What did I use before? Only two: BAT VK D5 and Resolution Audio CD55. For me the BAT VK D5 is very dynamic but lack of lyrical emotion factor; the Resolution Audio CD 55 has a congested soundstage which is insubstantial as I listen to large-scaled orchestra pieces (Bruckner and Mahler) quite often. Below are other associated equipments

Pre-Amplifier: Counterpoint SA11
Power Amplifier: Counterpoint NP-100 monoblocks
Speaker: Piega P-10
Interconnect Cable: Silver Audio Appassionata
Speaker Cable: Silver Audio Symphony 48 & Ensemble Megaflux

Room: 16 x 27 x 10
Music: Classical

I would like to have a player can generate more relax sound and handle large-scaled orchestra pieces. SACD and DVD playback functions are not required.

Based on the above information, can you make your recommendation(s)?

Thanks in advance and happy listening.

Otto, what is your budget for a CDp?
Ya, forgot about that. I would like to keep it below $3K for a used one.

Even if you don't like the sound of these 2 CD players anymore you could still use them as transports. Have you considered trying out a DAC instead of a full CD player? There's quite a few very good ones in the used market for your budget, and if you don't particularly like the sound of one you could probably sell it for the same as you bought it for and try another.
I suppose I'm still in the honeymoon phase with my current CD player (arrived 5 days ago), but thus far, I feel as though the Audio Research CD3 MKII is the finest audio component I have ever owned. I can't see you being disappointed with the ARC if you are seeking a more relaxed sound. Esoteric and Wadia boast more advanced technologies with universal praise throughout these forums and the audio press, however, my instincts told me that they might be a little too analytical for my taste. Another player you may want to consider is the Lector 7T MkIII.
SONY 595. Don't let the low price of $60 on sony style scare you. Try it. If you don't like it they will pick it up free.
Dear Yul1375,
You might want to concider a Space Tech Lab DA-64XT Super DAC. It has a Vacuum Tube Output Stage with a Vacuum Tube Rectifier. It also Up-samples your CD's. The Balanced Digital Input and Balanced Analog Out sounds the best on this DAC. Albert, of Space Tech Lab, knows how to design Balanced Circuits. You can also later up-grade with one of Alberts STR-104 Vacuum Tube Rectifiers that will plug into the DAC. This combination gives me one hell of a Soundstage with lots of air, and it still gives you plenty of Dynamics. If your Resolution Audio CD55 doesn't have a Balanced Digital Output, Albert could install one. Even if it does, Alberts Balanced Digital Output Stage sounds better. You could also go Digital Co-axial if you want, and still use the Balanced Analog Output on this DAC. You would have to order the DAC with Balanced Inputs and Outputs. Space Tech Lab Equipment is more than reasonable for the cost, Albert builds his own and can modify his equipment to better match your existing System. Just need to look up Space Tech Lab in Vancouver, Canada on the internet.
Hi Adamg,

Thanks for your recommendation for Audio Research CD3 MKII.

Could you share the players you used before as reference?

My previous set-up included a Stello CDT 200 Transport with an Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC. Prior to that I was using a Arcam Alpha 7SE transport with a Musical Fidelity A324 DAC. In sum, my previous players were 2 chasis units that were not comparable to something like the CD3. However, the ARC has exceeded my expectations with its natural, organic presentation. I should mention that it is also much more extended and detailed than my previous digital front ends.
Is Audio Research CD3 MKII 6922 based or 6H30 based?
Hi Yu

The CD3 doesnt have tubes of any kind. The higher models such as the CD7 (paired 6H30) and CD8 (single 6550C) are tubed players.