The New Western Electric 845 Replicas

It is a little confusing because, while both versions are copies of the Western Electric 284, the Psvane WE845 Replica's are a copy of the 284 A, which was the first version. They list for $798 and have a street price of around
$700. The Shuguang WE845 Replica's are copies of the later and superior 284 D version. United Electronics copied the Western Electric 284 D in the 1930's to 1950's. UE dubbed their version the 845 W. The "W" stood for
"warrized", which meat in today's jargon that they were "ruggardized" for military purposes. The Shuguang's go for about $450 a pair, I am not sure of the official list price. In my opinion, they are priced backwards.
The Shuguang WE 845 Replica's are the best 845, which I have heard since the United Electronics W's of which I owned a pair. They are now the best reason to own 845 output based equipment. If you are listening to 300 B's in a push-pull circuit because you need the extra power, these new 845's represent a viable alternative.
845 equipment owners, roll the correct new WE845 in and rejoice!
I will be back after I get a chance to listen to the new Shuguang 211's, which feature the same top chamber that their 845's and UE W's do. Western Electric used the top chamber to remove excess gas, which is why it was featured on many of it's larger output tubes.
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I own a Line Magnetic 518 integrated amp.  I'm using the Psvane T Mark II 845 tubes.  I was going to upgrade to the Psvane WE845's.  Are you telling me the Shugang WE845's are better?  In what way?  What are the sonic differences?  If this is true you would save me some cash.  Also, what's the best place to pay them?
For starters, the Psvane's are the oldest version of the WE 284, while the Shuguang's are copies of the WE 284 last version.
That top chamber provides extra support for the plate assembly.
I owned the United Electronics 845 W's and these sound very close to them and they are far from being broken-in. Sound wise, they are quieter right out of the box, more open and airy.
I ordered their 211's, today because they feature the same top chamber as the 845's.
I will post the best site to buy them, I have asked Shuguang, how they would prefer Audiogon members purchase them.
I know it's an NOS tube buyer's paradise, but since the Chinese have yet to properly identify the different versions correctly and accurately, the inferior Psvane's are doing better in the marketplace and I am concerned that they will stop making the Shuguang version.
All of us Americans really do not believe we are getting good value for our money, unless we pay enough for something. Do not be fooled by the inverted pricing. The Shuguang WE845's are a gift at $450 per pair,
don't doubt it, just buy them and say thank you.
The market will adjust, I'm betting all of you the price of the Psvane's drops, while the Shuguang's appreciate.
Happy and healthy listening.
To buy either version directly from China go to this site:
Thanks  for the tip.  I will give them a try.  I know good tubes make all the difference.  $450 is very reasonable compared to the ever increasing prices of NOS.  My problem with buying Chinese tubes is I never know the website to buy them at.  I seems like everyone sells the same tube at a variety of prices.  That's why I asked you where to get them instead of just guessing at a place on Ebay.  Thanks, again.
As one who owns both the Psvane WE 845s..a quad...and the Psvane WE 300bs..i can attest to their amazing sound..I have not heard the new Shuguang tubes however..
 Chinese tubes,I will never use any of them.
You're loss..some of them are superb..!
So has anybody else tried the Shuguang WE845's? Grant Fidelity has such a nice track record for tubes but they don't offer this particular model. At least their website doesn't mention them. 

The Tube Sale site is new to me so don't know what their customer service is like. 
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I just got delivery of a pair of Shuguang WE845 from China (eBay Purchase). It took a month for the delivery. I replaced the original tubes from Cary CAD-805, which had been used for ~6yrs. Before their arrival, I used GE 211 tubes for a while. Anyway, I run the amps with WE845 only for 10hr or so, but they sound amazing already. Soundstage becomes incredibly deep and wide, and the texture of music is much dense and real. With good recordings that I am very familiar with, I feels like they are here to play the music just for me rather I was there. I do not have any experience with Psvane WE845 so I can not compare them. But I am very impressed with SG WE845 in their sound reproduction and build quality.
I will leave my feedback after ~100hr.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but any feedback on these tubes after 9 months of usage?

Are the Shuguang WE845's still going strong? I have the cheaper Shuguang 845b and often think of trying another tube and the WE845 would be my first choice but just wonder on how they hold up.
Yes, I have no problem with the tubes for more than a year!!!
I play the amp for ~20 hr each week on average and they do their job very well.
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I just ordered the Shu Guang WE845 tubes from and am awaiting their arrival. eBay has a lot of sellers, but Tube-Sale offers a 1year warrantee where the eBay sellers typically offer only 30 days. Additionally, Tube-Sale claims to go further than the factory matching with some additional testing and burn in. I went with them and will report back my findings when I have some seat time with them in my system. 
Any updates on these WE845 tubes? Looking to tube roll my 845 amp. Thanks for,your recommendations. 
Bump for 845 recommendations. My monoblocks take 8 845’s and I’m looking for reasonable recommendations. Are the PSVane 845-T II’s sufficient or will I hear a noticeable improvement with WE, ACME, Elrog, etc.? Thanks.