The new Tube Technology

One can only wonder what this sounds like
If it can surface mounted, it certainly can be socket mounted. A new era of tube rolling....?
If you look at the date of that press release, it's dated
January 29th, 2015.

I actually saw that info back in February 2015. Weird that
we haven't heard anything since?

Isn't Korg more of a pro/musical instruments division
company? Maybe they are going to keep it to themselves.

I agree, sounds pretty cool.
Isn't Korg more of a pro/musical instruments division
Yes, it is. I'd have some skepticism regarding the potential for this technology to be well received in high end audio. Which is reinforced in my mind by the reference to vacuum fluorescent display technology that it draws upon, and also by the reference to generation of "the same rich harmonics that are distinctive of conventional vacuum tubes." The latter often being very different in degree for musical instrument applications than what most would consider to be desirable in a home audio system, where one would presumably/usually want to reproduce those harmonics as they were originally recorded.

But we shall see, of course.

-- Al
I too am somewhat skeptical. Yet find the potential intriguing. Look how long it's taken for Graphene to catch on. The potential for application is still untapped in the audio marketplace. Magico uses it now in the latest speaker offering.
I explored the Korg site when this announcement was made back at the beginning of the year. At that time it appeared to be a non-starter. It still looks that way...