The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 


Ordered six Purple fuses online the day before yesterday. Everywhere seems to be sold out of Purple except online, due to the offer I expect.

Went up to the next highest amperage on each fuse to be on the safe side.

One dealer recommended the Power House Zero 2 so I bought one for my power supply, at $500 it's at my limit but it came highly recommended.

The original Zero sells for $250 and by all accounts is good too. There's also a middle Zero called the Extreme and plenty of cheaper offerings from Power House.

No info in English online but they only make Fast Blow fuses because they say it gives better SQ. They also recommend to go up to 30% higher or one more amperage because of the Fast Blow status.

I'll share my thoughts after the recommended 20 hours break in.

@highstream ---it almost sounds like you still may not have them in the right directions.  That is my big complaint about SR.  If you have multiple fuses it is hard to discern which one in right and notright.  Trial by fuse at a time.

No offense to @willgolf . Ted has my several thousand HFT dollars, they work, not sure the value is anywhere equal to the cost. Same with the fuses, QSA was an absolute ripoff at 713.00, Ted’s purple is better, but at the price not any better than the PHT. Just my ears, of course.

After living with the Purple fuses for quiet some time, I took all of them out from my system. Not sure if it’s my system but for some reason the Purple sounds a bit artificial for my taste - sometimes the soundstage is forward and brash with some recordings. Thought it was the direction and on reversing it, it immediately sounded better than the previous direction. This time I thought I had it right with the direction and it sounded good until I hear the same sound signature after couple of days. I did the direction business back and forth couple of times and finally gave up. Right now I have all stock fuse and though it doesn’t have the “bigger sound staging and details” effect of the purple, it at least sounds natural.

@debjit_g You should try the Littelfuse 285 ceramic fuse, from a reputable electronics manufacturer at a fraction of the price.

As you'll see, these are intended for medical and specialist audio applications.