The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 

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Two purple fuses installed into my Add Powr X4 and BSG QOL. A QSA Red was in the X4 and a Violet in the BSG. 48 hours and counting. Will report back at 300 hours.


I had 4 QSA yellow fuses in my Manger S1 speakers that I took out because I got the value wrong at 6.3A to 10A. Running stock fuses now.

My manufacturer told me either 3.0 or 3.15 will work without any problem in his system.  

For those of you who recently put in the Purple fuse, how did you put them in?  Did you put the fuse in with the writing left to right?  Did you have to change the fuse after listening because you thought it was in the wrong way.  Did it vary by component?  

I wouldn't know my left from your left, so no help there. And besides, I just stuck them in and went for it. If it was bad after running for a few days I could swap it 180 degrees. My second one has maybe 30 hours on it so no way to tell yet. it didn't make everything go sour at the start, so.......