The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 

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My experience with the purple fuse is the same as described by Autosports. The improvement over the orange fuse is spectaculair. A very substantial upgrade for a modest price. Amazing…

Review of the SR Purple Fuse from Rick Berger / Enjoy The Music:


SR Purple Fuse...

@oregonpapa think I posted that I did indeed find the SR Purple edging out the QSA Violet. Better detail, more musical to my ears, added in to some of my Rega stuff, but will be trying in my Naim XS3 soon.

+1 @cd45123

SR Purp(le) $200, QSA Light Violet $711. That’s a cost swing of $511. You be the judge. For $711, I could almost buy (4) SR Purp’s!

And while I’m here, that outstanding price cost/performance/difference completely outweighs the fact that the SR Purp doesn’t have a directional arrow - to me.

Simply because whether a fuse has an arrow or not, you still have to go through the process of finding the correct direction of the piece of gear you want to install them in first.

And that being said, ain’t nothing wrong with QSA fuses if you want to use them over the SR fuses, especially if you plan on trading them back in at cost and buying up the QSA line of fuses.


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