The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 


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I posted recently saying I was awaiting two more purple fuses, and then went on to describe what I was hearing with the one that I had. I got a notification it had been deleted by a moderator.


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I can’t see how how my post met any of these criteria for being removed??? There was absolutely nothing in my post that violated the last three. As for the the first one “It looks like spam”, my post was completely on topic and relevant to the thread. It was certainly not trying to promote or sell male enhancement products, or anything else😉

Just finished listening to Prokofiev’s 3rd Piano Concerto with Martha Argerich, Claudio Abbado and the Berlin Philharmonic. A great performance of great music!


With fully broken in SR purple fuses in my CD transport, DAC and amp, it was definitely closer to being in the room than I have experienced before, with my system. This is also true with other music I’ve listened to yesterday and today; Altan’s The Gap Of Dreams, Mile’s Davis' Kind of Blue, and some of my favorite songs by The Cure, for example. Isn’t that what this hobby is all about?


I am really happy with what these fuses bring. IMO, in my system, they are a great value for the money.

Got an SR purple on the way for my CD transport. I’ve been pretty happy with the QSA light blues in all my gear, and felt they bettered the SR orange. With all the good reports about the SR purple, here and elsewhere, though, I had to give it a try. My transport, unlike my DAC and amp, has no tubes, so I leave it on all the time. That’ll speed up the break-in, so I can get a handle on what the purple does sooner.

audiolab 8000CDM CD transport

Audio Note DAC Kit 1.1

DIY Hifi Supply Django Mini TVC pasive pre

Antique Sound Lab Tulip 2A3 SET amp

Audio Note AN-E/L speakers

All heavily tweaked out, of course😉


If the SR purple brings more of that “reach out and touch” real quality, like oregonpapa reports, I’ll be very happy.

Just got in an SR purple fuse, and replaced the QSA light blue in my CD transport. Initial results, after forty minutes or so of listening, it is already handily beating the QSA light blue in musicality and involvement. The change is not at all subtle. I look forward to it being fully broken in.

Those who have purple fuses that are fully broken in, how do they improve over time versus when they are newly installed? I am already quite happy with what I’m hearing after less than 24 hours. If it gets significantly better in the next 3 or 4 days, that will really be something.

I have to admit that I’m glad to hear at least one person who’s done the comparison say that the SR purple is as good, or better, than the QSA violet. Over $200 is definitely getting out of my comfort zone for a fuse, however much benefit it may bring.

Coltrane’s Blue Train is sounding mighty fine. With the SR purple I am hearing, and appreciating, more of Paul Chambers’ contribution on the bass.

“Blue Trane” is an absolutely fabulous recording regardless of fuse. Something is wrong if it is otherwise.”

Agreed, it’s a great recording. What are you trying to say, that the reproduction of great recordings can’t be improved?!

The bass is certainly not the only improvement I heard on Blue Train, or any of the other recordings I’ve been listening to with the SR purple. People seem to like it when you cite specific improvements on specific recordings, so I was using the bass on Blue Train as one example.

“....but no one mention putting one in their power conditioner. I have a Transparent PI8 that all of my other components (except power amps) plug into first. Logically, wouldn’t this be the place to start since it where ALL AC enters my system.”

Makes sense, if my power conditioner had a fuse, that’s where I’d start. All the components plugged into it should benefit.

The SR purple in my CD transport now has close to 100 hours on it. As you know, I am thoroughly convinced that fuses can and do make a difference in the sound. Even so, I am still rather blown away by what changing one small fuse has done, and that is replacing the already excellent QSA light blue. Look forward to getting two more purples for my DAC and amp.

I’m curious why a CD player would have 6 fuses, that's pretty odd? I’d try the main power one first, the one that’s in, or very near, the power cord inlet.

Here’s the thing about fuses, I don’t like them in general. They’re designed to break, on purpose, to protect us and our property from catastrophic events. Like RCA connectors, they are not an ideal solution. Fuses, in their standard form, are detrimental to good sound. I’m sure there are better solutions out there.


However, again like RCA connectors, they are a standard that is almost universal in home audio equipment. If we want that protection from catastrophic events (which I sure do), we are pretty much stuck with them. Given that, I am grateful there are entrepreneurs out there who are willing to put their money and reputation on the line to develop and provide less detrimental (or even beneficial) fuses for home audio.

I was pointing to RCA connectors as another example of a ubiquitous, but not ideal, solution. There are better connectors out there, but why would a manufacturer adopt them when nobody else has? Not necessarily saying they are detrimental to the sound (although they probably are, to various degrees, depending on quality etc.)


Anybody else remember Mark Levinson’s CAMAC connectors?