The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 

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Thanks to whoever brought this thread back.

The three SR Purple fuses in my system are fully broken in at this point. They replaced three SR Orange fuses that were being used before.

The sound has never been better.

I compared the SR Orange, the SR Purple, and the QSA Yellow fuses in the system. While very good in the detail department, even better than the SR Orange fuses, the QSA Yellow fuses just didn’t have the musicality of the SR Orange and Purple fuses.

If you’re into detail and HiFi, your choice may be the QSA Yellow fuses. For tonal accuracy and overall emotional involvement in the music, the Orange, and especially the SR Purple fuses would be the go-to choice.


ebm >>>

So, in your world view, is there no room for future progress and innovation? Look around ... the auto showrooms are not full of Ford Model Ts. Have you seen the new Corvettes? They're awesome. 

andypandy ...

Thanks for the question, and welcome to the forum.

As my system continues to evolve, there is more body to the music. Take guitars for instance. Not only are the sound of the strings being plucked in evidence, but the sound of the body of the guitar is as well.

On vocals, not only do I hear the voice, but I can also discern the personality of the vocalist, even make out their facial expressions.

Percussion is particularly improved, with more dynamics and realism. For example, it is easy to discern the differences between animal skin drum heads vs acrylic drum heads. The correct woodiness of rim shots is amazing.

The piano is tonally correct including the lower registers. A friend brought over a Ramsey Lewis Trio CD this morning that featured a drummer that was using a cowbell as part of his ensemble. That cowbell was in the room along with the entire drumset. You’d have to hear it to understand.

It is not only the upgrade from the SR Orange fuses to the SR Purple fuses causing this increase in realism, but they certainly have been an important contributing factor to the overall presentation.

Expensive? On the surface, maybe, but in the overall scheme of things, what else will improve a system to this degree for under 200 bucks? I’m using three of the new fuses, so that would set a person back 600 bucks ... still a bargain based upon the results attained.

If you buy the fuses, give them at least 50-100 hours to break in before making a final judgment.

Take care ...


PS: Here’s the Ramsey Lewis CD I alluded to above:



"Thanks for that very in-depth analysis Frank, but it doesn’t tell me the shift in overhaul tonality if your system becomes more etched or darker, etc."

Andy ... We are talking about moving beyond "etched or darker," and moving into the realm of "real" here. I mean, reach out and touch them, real.

And what’s worrying is 50 to 100 to a break-in, by that time for me it’s too late to send back for a refund if I don’t like it/them, not prepared to take the gamble on that one."

Read the comments in this thread. We are talking about comparing the SR Orange fuses with the SR Purple fuses. The Orange fuses are really good in their own right, and the SR Purple fuses take them to a new level. If you are using stock fuses at this point, you will not be sending the SR Purple fuses back. Like any audio component, they take some time to sound their best, but that, by no means, is saying that they are slackers out of the box.

What are you using for fuses presently? Also, I’d be interested to know what your system consists of, and if you’ve tried any other "tweaks" that have worked for you. Perhaps we can garner some new ideas from you that would help other members here.

Thanks ...


mijostyn ...

Your post was unbelievably insulting to Ted and your fellow A’goners who are enjoying SR fuses.

Mike ... You have a beautiful system. Your Soundlab speakers are among my all-time favorites. All of your components are top-notch. Your woodworking skills are terrific. You have even made a beautiful wood clamp for your turntable.

Now then, that brings up a question about the credibility of your post regarding the efficacy of after-market fuses.

If you can hear the difference between a wood record clamp and the stock one that came with your turntable, but cannot hear the difference between a stock fuse and one of the new SR Purple fuses, it tells me that you have never tried after-market fuses, including the new Purple fuse from SR.

An apology is in order here for Ted and we lowly, unwashed members out here in bumkin-land.
Man up, dude.




ozzy ...

No, I haven't. I have a couple of tubes of TC left and haven't tried that either. I know that some folks here are using the NPS-1260 and like it a lot. The problem is, I have TC everywhere except for the new fuses. 



The Purple fuse threads remind me of the elevator business. Up. Down. Up. Down. :-)

Thanks for putting this one back up.


Last night's listening session was simply amazing. These guys were in the listening room:



audiosens >>>

 Would it be risky to apply an electrical contact protector to an SR Violet fuse? 

I've applied TC to all of my fuses except for the three new Purple fuses in current use. I intend to hear the fuses completely broken in and then paste them. Is it risky? I've not heard of any problems with any previous fuses that have had contact enhancers applied, and I certainly haven't had any problems myself. Your choice is up to you. 



"I now have a collection of SR fuses that are worthless."

Try selling them on A’gon or eBay. I believe you’ll find that they are not worthless.

"This is why I asked the OP exactly what things changed so I could get an idea of what they would do to my system. But all I got was a lot of ..."


I thought this answer was pretty specific: We are talking about moving beyond "etched or darker," and moving into the realm of "real" here. I mean, reach out and touch them, real.


As technology advances, so do products advance. If this weren’t true, we would still be using gaslit street lamps, buggy whips, and outhouses. It is the same for audio equipment manufactures. Without technological advances, we wouldn’t have moved beyond mono systems into the stereo realm. After-market fuses wouldn’t exist in the first place. As for me, I welcome advancement in design. 

There's a reason the patent office is still open guys. 


On the patent office comment ... Some of you, including andypandy, missed the point. As a history buff, I've read that back in the 1800s, there was a motion in Congress to eliminate the patent office. The reason? Because it was thought that everything worth inventing had already been invented. I used the analogy to point out the closed-mindedness of a few of the posters here.  


audiosens ...

"oregonpapa, Which is best to apply: NPS 1260 or Total Contact Enhancer?  Which is easy to apply and a good price for the improvement?  Thank you."

I have no experience with the NPS 1260. I do have extensive experience with Total Contact though. Sorry to say, it is no longer being produced. At this point, your best bet would be to go with the NPS 1260. It is getting good reviews from other members here. 


In the meantime, the system, thanks to the three well broken in SR Purple fuses, and some other unmentionables, is sounding better than ever. I invited Peter, Paul, and Mary over last night. It was as though I could reach out and touch them. Here’s a sample for your enjoyment. Egad, this even sounds great on my desktop Audioengine A2+ speakers. 


Post of the week >>>

"Red black like King Kong swing free uninhibit from building with girl."

"You need to get the facts right before you start slinging that sort of mud at anyone. You have lost the plot and need to get a handle on yourself buddy, I have never owned or reviewed an SR Purple fuse anywhere at any time, I dare you to put up or point to a link where I have."

I'm not saying that you've reviewed SR Purple fuses. Where did you get that idea? 

I stand pat on your continual posts demeaning, bullying, and disparaging other members here. A simple look at your cumulative posts in your profile says it all. 

And by the way Andy ... that's MISTER Buddy to you, pal.


Andypandy sez ...

"very Trump’ish ..."

Now I understand you, Andy. This brings it all into focus. Nothing else needs to be said. From this point on, I will be addressing you as "Karen." *lol*


Wishing all of you A’goners a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.



@andypandy >>>

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Andy. 



"It was me, jnorris2005, that posted this..."

Well, in that case, it looks as though I owe "andypandy" a big apology. From now on, I’ll be referring to you as "Karen." The question you should be asking yourself is this: Why would someone derive pleasure out of demeaning others to the point of ridiculing them on another site and have "over 50 people laughing" at them, and then come into this forum to report the results? Look inward, my friend. Look inward.

@thecarpathian Carp ... these guys are killing me. I’m dying laughing. Maybe I have a stand-up comedian career looming in my future.

This putz, jnorris2005, actually admits that he slandered me on another audio site. He and his buddies have no idea what I and a few others here on A’gon are experiencing with their audio systems.

With the new AC filtration systems installed at the speakers, in combination with the latest innovation with the new fuses, while listening to master tape vocal recordings, you CAN actually "see" facial expressions ... especially while sitting in the dark (they will never understand this comment either).

The entire house circuit is now treated with products, including the new SR Purple Fuses, that lower AC noise starting at the circuit breaker box, and ending up at the speaker binding posts. The final result is amazing, to say the least.




I'm intrigued by your AC filtration system at the speakers.

Can you elaborate a bit on them?"

Not publically. I'll send you a PM. 

@papafrgog >>>

1. I'm not privy to the manufacturing process, but I will tell you that I can feel a granular substance under the labels of the Purple fuses that are not there on their previous fuses. 

2. Personally, I use all tube Audio Research Corp. electronics. 


@dabel >>>

"Who are some of your Purple People Eater retailers?"

Try high-end electronics and The Cable Company. I think they are both A’gon advertisers.


@tommylion +1 

I'm looking forward to someone comparing the SR Purple to the QSA Violet. 


My three SR Purple fuses are fully broken in at this point, and sounding mighty fine. I know that one of my early comments that I could "see" facial expressions on well-recorded vocalists was scoffed at, but it is true, especially with the lights out. Those who know, know. Other’s not so much. *lol*