The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 

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My mate a moderator? 

That's hilarious, and terrifying.

Give it a rest t-sush.

We know what you think, as you keep repeating it ad nauseam.

I'm interested in people that have tried things, or are interested to hear of experiences from those who have.

You don’t possess an enquiring enough mind to wish to be ‘educated’ in the science behind this phenomenon?

I'm sure ASR is more the forum for your assaults.

You take over threads. Your 'enquiring mind' is harassment.

You say nothing that interests me...



I like when people have tried products/tweaks, and say from experience that the effects were minimal at best, or didn’t suit their system, as you have done.

Even don’t really mind those that ask "How can that possibly work?" (I still think that about fuses).

Just struggle with those who are argumentative, belittling, abusive, posts riddled with derision, and question others’ motivation, morals, intelligence and honesty.


I have some items I’ve bought where I question their efficacy. Unfortunately my location and purchasing style means I am unable to return items.

My purples finally arrived today.

I need to remember to not order from the UK in December.

24 days to arrive.


You say I can put them in amp/Dac, power them up but don't need music playing through them?


I once knew a Robert...

No matter what the nay sayers say, I know what I've heard when getting SR Black fuses for my amp, then SR Red for my Dac, and then SR Orange for my amp and Dac.

The SR Purple are next for me.


And btw, I don't need saving. My money, my hobby, my ears, my music, my joy.

I don’t really care too much for the ’properties’ of the fuses.

What I am interested in is their effect on my system.


In each instance, they have been an improvement.

Stock to SR Black for my amp.

Stock to SR Red for my Dac.

Then SR Red to SR Orange for amp/dac.


My notes on the SR Orange:

Base stronger - seems to hang in the air.
Instrument separation more discernible.
Hearing things in tracks I’d never heard before.

Overall, a huge A+ in my view.


SR Purple is next for my amp.

I think Karen should keep his comments to Audio Science Review.


Ordered 3 x SR Purples for my amp and Dac yesterday.

May my delusional bliss continue...

Unfortunately, negative Normans sometimes get threads shut down.

Self righteous to the nth degree. 49 posts of negativity. 

I'm sure I've seen him before...

The SR Purple's seem to be in short supply, which is a good sign.

Enquired; they were coming.

When ordered, they had run out. And the distributor had run out on the next delivery as well.

Wait for a 'three for two' deal?

Why didn't I think of that.


Have ordered my three SR Purple fuses. Eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Darn Dabel

I did that with my fence last week. Cut 7" short. It was 1750, not 1570mm. Duh.

Measure twice, and stuff up once!