The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 


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I have a certain something on my mind ... A PM will be sent before today ends. 

Good morning 



Through the process of elimination first, I’ll likely answer some of my questions I seek before hand. I’ll send a straightforward PM.



I’d like to back up what Ted and @thyname have expressed, “they are more protective than standard fuses.” This I speak of comes from experience @lucapelliccioli.

Though I completely understand your concern (it’s better to be safe than sorry) the 3.15 amp would suite just fine.


You’re overthinking this one … Purchase the 3.15 and place your mind at ease.

Outstanding comeback! I’d never put another man’s gear or wallet in harm’s way. If this is of any comfort, my pre blows 3.15 fast SR Purples … but not a 3 fast bussman. The slow blow tolerance, why would that be any different. You’ll do what’s best for you.

Now, if I could only collect on thee substantial amount of US dollars that I’ve so generously helped out others with ;-)


All this chatter has this Curious Cat curious ... Tis the season & the fine tuning process is imminent ....

JG Wentworth refresher, "It's my money & I need it now!" seems fitting.

Where'd everybody go ...

Owners manual states on Preamp 1.5A Fast-Blow only but no size. After measuring 6.3mm x 32mm and before I pull my first trigger, by what value are y'all raising your purples, if any? 


Break Bread with me. No disclosure of retailers in this thread, why ... Who are some of your Purple People Eater retailers?


I did, and patiently waiting for a response. Only thought I'd sling shot another post and observe the outcome 

$711 … Now that’s where I draw the line …. Even if I had a so called money tree rooting & branching out into the yard. To each their own I suppose.

Who’s cost trade in @tyray ? QSA’s MSRP.

Our grandfather’s would be rolling in their graves at such prices

Y’all wanna good laugh ... Purple arrived today, 30 minutes ago .... ROLMFAO! My calculations were wrong. Small not no Large you idiot. Guess I’ve been outta this fuse game for some time.

So I start the removal process, knowing very well what’s already located in the DAC. Alright, amp & or transport ... Nope, no dice + more lmao.

Well, whatcha gonna do. Both hoods are popped off Pre & Amp until ... I purchase now two Purples.

I’ll get with The Cable Company later ... ain’t no big deal, life is good


Thought I’d share without any of the details. 

Very pleased … The Cable Company’s customer service is outstanding.