The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses

This thread is intended for those who are actually using the new SR Purple Fuses. In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses. What are your impressions? 

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The sound has never been better.

Hi I’m new to these forums, Frank can you say what in more detail (eg: highs mids lows differences that have never been better), as these are not cheap and it would be good to know which way they will change the tonal balance of my setup. Thanks Andy.


If you buy the fuses, give them at least 50-100 hours to break in before making a final judgment.


Thanks for that very in depth analysis Frank, but it doesn’t tell me the shift in overhaul tonality, if your system becomes more etched or darker etc.

And what’s worrying is 50 to 100 to break in, by that time for me it’s too late to send back for refund if I don’t like it/them, not prepared to take the gamble on that one. Thanks Andy.


Nice going Frank! I wonder if Ted had anything to do with this?


Could have, Audiogon's Blue Book.

We also have zero for sale on AG. To my knowledge my company has never sold anything on AG nor do we advertise our products here.

Very odd, oregonpapa gives the impression he gets pre-production SR fuses, and "thinks" himself a "beta tester" for Synergistic Audio, and generates many sales for you. Andy

I just placed a yellow fuse in my remote and could swear the remote was in the room! Unbelievable

I put a blue in mine, and it took the dog for a walk. Andy


willgolf I now have a collection of SR fuses that are worthless. I guess they go to my fuse grave.


I was afraid of that willgolf. This is why I asked the OP exactly what things changed so I could get an idea what they would do to my system.


But all I got was a lot of

In my system, they are a significant improvement over the SR Orange fuses.

The three SR Purple fuses in my system are fully broken in at this point. They replaced three SR Orange fuses that were being used before.
The sound has never been better.
I compared the SR Orange, the SR Purple, and the QSA Yellow fuses in the system. While very good in the detail department, even better than the SR Orange fuses, the QSA Yellow fuses just didn’t have the musicality of the SR Orange and Purple fuses. We are talking about moving beyond "etched or darker," and moving into the realm of "real" here. I mean, reach out and touch them, real.

To me that’s not the answer I’m looking for. Thanks Andy



There’s a reason the patent office is still open guys.

Sorry, but there’s no chance in hell a patent would be granted for what is "claimed" they can do by thoses here. Andy




Do you think Houdini got patents?

He was an illusionist, just the "properties" of these fuses are made out to be by some here.

That’s why there’s no chance in hell of one being granted to one of these "fuses". Andy

My point was he didn’t show the world about his trade "illusion" secrets.

And the only thing you get from these now from what I’ve been reading about them, is called "expectation bias" for your $200, and it's what Atmasphere aptly calls them. Andy

My God!  Even through the hundreds of standard fuses, thousands of miles of cheap ethernet cables, and hundreds of vendor-supplied power cables between your system and mine I can hear the improvement wrought from the SR Purple Fuses!

Hallelujah!!! It's the second coming.

NO!! but wait!! I heard from the source there's a new Aqua SR fuse in the beta testing stage, can you confirm Frank?  


oregonpapa OP

"I have to tell you that I submitted your lengthy, and somewhat ridiculous, review of the SR Purples to the "Audio Bullsh!t" group, and, so far, 36 commenters have made you quite the laughing stock."


You need to get the facts right before you start slinging that sort of mud at anyone. You have lost the plot and need to get a handle on yourself buddy, I have never owned or reviewed an SR Purple fuse anywhere at any time, I dare you to put up or point to a link where I have.

  1. It is your buddy coralkong that posted this, and ID'd jnorris2005 that posted above and got deleted, that got under your skin, not me. You need to turn your fuse around, before she blows Andy


Hey, someone calls me out I'll answer, what's your reason. Andy