The new Synergistic Research BLUE fuses ....

New SR BLUE fuse thread ...

I’ve replaced all 5 of the SR BLACK fuses in my system with the new SR BLUE fuses. Cold, out of the box, the BLUE fuses stomped the fully broken-in SR BLACKS in a big way. As good as the SR BLACK fuses were/are, especially in comparison with the SR RED fuses, SR has found another break-through in fuses.

1. Musicality ... The system is totally seamless at this point. Its as if there is no system in the room, only a wall to wall, front to back and floor to ceiling music presentation with true to life tonality from the various instruments.

2. Extension ... I’ve seemed to gain about an octave in low bass response. This has the effect of putting more meat on the bones of the instruments. Highs are very extended, breathing new life into my magic percussion recordings. Vibes, chimes, bells, and triangles positioned in the rear of the orchestra all have improved. I’ve experienced no roll-off of the highs what so ever with the new BLUE fuses. Just a more relaxed natural presentation.

3. Dynamics ... This is a huge improvement over the BLACK fuses. Piano and vibes fans ... this is fantastic.

I have a Japanese audiophile CD of Flamenco music ... the foot stomps on the stage, the hand clapping and the castanets are present like never before. Want to hear natural sounding castanets? Get the BLUE fuses.

4. Mid range ... Ha! Put on your favorite Ben Webster album ... and a pair of adult diapers. Play Chris Connor singing "All About Ronnie," its to die for.

Quick .... someone here HAS to buy this double album. Its a bargain at this price. Audiophile sound, excellent performance by the one and only Chris Connor. Yes, its mono ... but so what? Its so good you won’t miss the stereo effects. If you’re the lucky person who scores this album, please post your results here.

Overall impressions:

Where the RED fuses took about 20 hours to sound their best, and the BLACK fuses took upwards of 200 hours of total break-in, the BLUE fuses sounded really good right out of the box ... and that’s without doing anything about proper directional positioning. Not that the BLUE fuses don’t need breaking in, they do. The improvement continues through week three. Its a gradual break-in thing where each listening session is better than the last.

Everything I described above continues to break new ground in my system as the fuses continue breaking in. Quite honestly, I find it difficult to tear myself away from the system in order to get things done. Its truly been transformed into a magical music machine. With the expenditure of $150.00 and a 30 day return policy there’s really nothing to lose. In my system, its like upgrading to a better pre amp, amp, CD player or phono stage. Highly recommended.

Kudos to Ted Denney and the entire staff at SR. Amazing stuff, guys. :-)


PS: If you try the SR BLUE fuses, please post your results here. Seems the naysayers, the Debbie Downers and Negative Nellie’s have hijacked the original RED fuse thread. A pox on their houses and their Pioneer receivers.


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Thank you for the clarification Mr. Denney. This is coherent with what I was thinking in the beginning.

I starting installing the Blue fuse in the pre-amplifier portion of my integrated and they are rated 5A 250V. I have read that it is better to install a fuse with a notch above the rated value (this was told by my tech with its AudioLink fuses) but I am not sure about the Blue. So I have installed one 6.3A 500V in one of the sockets (I have four to populate). I wonder if this is safe or should I stick with the original rating of 5A. This is a vintage Yamaha CA-1000 circa 1974.
I believe it is a good choice to use the 6.3 Amp fuse in your amplifier. I have used the same approach that you suggest in my two Pass Lab amplifiers and my Pass Lab Integrated amplifier.

I am very pleased with the improvement that The Blue fuses made.

David Pritchard
Hello there,


I have just discovered this extremely lengthy thread about SR fuses.

Took me days to read it, but it was interesting read.

 Some peoples claim that fuses do improve sound, that they are directional, some are bushing whole concept.

I’m very skeptical, not leaving in USA, SR dealer in my home country do not offer 30 day money back guarantee, so all risk is mine.

And I’m not fun of their products, I used to have (5 years ago) some their IC cable ( I do prefer Tara labs cables ) I used to have their PC cable I do prefer Shunyata.

Once dealer of SR tried on audition to convince me that Galileo MPC was better than usual one, in system he changed 4 MPC’s to Galileo MPC’s. I could not hear any difference.


So I’m very skeptical. I do not believe that fuse can be directional.


But few days ago friend called, he is season audiophile and he is running high-end service , in some integrated amplifier of his client there are 2 SR black fuses 1.6A (been used for long time so they are burned) , do I want to try them ?

Why not, nothing to lose just 2 hours of time.

They are too small for my preamp or poweramp, so we have put them in my AudioAero CDP which needs 2 fuses (500mAx2).

In my CDP I already have some  5-6 years old Create Audio fuses ( do not know exact model) and never have compared them to stock one. Just bought them cheaply from some guy.


So we have run 6 tests.

  1. Create Audio x 2. # to establish baseline
  2. Create Audio x 1, SR black x 1 – degradation of sound
  3. Create Audio x 1, SR black x 1 (so we have changed direction of SR black) in this in was better then in 2)
  4. SR black x 1, SR black x 1 (in good direction)
  5. SR black x 1 (direction changed to find the proper one), SR black x 1 (in good direction) # both SR in good direction
  6. Back to Create Audio x 2 # to confirm that we are not imagining things


Our conclusions, fuses do change sound consistently (big surprise to me)

SR fuses are directional (huge surprise to me) !


In wrong  direction SR do degrade sound (nuances, air is lost, music is lifeless) in right direction there is more air , sound is more smooth, cleaner then with Create Audio.

But Create Audio x 2 sound more alive there is better PRAT, more energy. But it is matter of taste some peoples can prefer 5) some 6).

It would be great if strengths of Create Audio (PRAT) and strengths of SR black (air, smoothness, quietness) could be combined. That would be a winner.

Personally I’m very sensitive to music drive, so I’m not upgrading to SR black.

But now I’m convinced that fuses are directional and they do influence sound in not so small degree. It is easy audible.


I can summarize that 100USD for fuse is outrageous rip off, but 100USD for such change in sound for better is really a good deal.

Now I’m thinking about comparing verictum X-fuse and SR blue fuse in my preamp.





@sorlowski -  Never stop experimenting & learning.  Happy listening!