The New SuperTNT 845M

I was just looking at SuperTNT's website, and it seems they have a new 845M. It sounds like this one will be the best of the lot, and I'm definately going to take the taste test (not literally of course). Isn't it interesting and unusual to see a company like SuperTNT tell you about their trials and tribulations in the making of their product, and opposed to companies pouring huge money into tasteless marketing and advertisement campaigns that only serve to irritate!
I guess I agree, but I wish they had someone who could write more idiomatic English :-)
mine are on there way for my nagra vpa.
I used a set in my VPA's and they were quite nice. I have heard the stock Shuguang 845, the 845B, the 'old' 845M (aka 845C), and now the new SuperTMT 845M. they are quite nice - smooth like the 845B, yet dynamic and very natural sounding, and since they run at a much higher dissipation rating, they play louder (than the 845C) and will last longer.
How much?
I have supertnt 845M. I highly recommend them.
Just got my 845M. Smooth...... but lacking in dynamics,..... so far, compared to the stock tubes from my NAGRA VPA's. I have about 25hrs break in.
Give them more time - they take FOREVER to break in.
Hi Art. The stock VPA tubes have more bloom and are more dynamic although not as smooth as the 845M. With break in (how freakin long?) will I get the dynamics and bloom?
Were your 'stock' 845's the generic Shuguang 845? If so, I would say your experience was different from mine: I thought the 845M had more dynamics and tighter bass, and were also smoother and quieter than the stock 845

- but maybe your stock 845 was better than mine, or perhaps my 845M's are different than what you received...Who knows?

Anyway, with more time, I found the 845M opened up more and added a more dynamics....Just keep experimenting!
Hi Jjwa,

well I see you got the 845M from Supertnt.
Did you get the dynamics and bloom after break in of
these tubes ?