the new Rel Quake


I'm in the market for a smaller musical sub. I live in an apartment and have no wish to bring the building down. Thought the new Rel Quake might fit the bill but hasn't seen any reviews on it thus far. I live in Toronto and knows of no Rel dealers in the area. Has anyone listened to it? Any comments?

I was under the impression this model was only available in the UK..anyone know anything different?
The North American version of the Quake is the Q108E.

I've heard it has an MSRP of USD$749.

It is very new, so contact Sumiko to check on availability; who your local dealer is; or how to order one if there is no dealer in your area.
Their number is 510 843 4500 or
Thanks for that info. I'm wondering.. is it any good? I'm guessing it's a bit too early to be asking this question. Haven't come across any reviews though the name should speak for itself I guess.
Did you manage to test the Quake out, Im in the UK and im currently comtemplateing one also. Cant decide what to do.

could you let me know if you do

I just bought, and installed a Rel q108 to compliment my Linn Katan’s.
Its been quite a ride. I bought the Linns because I felt that they were dynamic and incredibly responsive, with lots of tight energy, so when looking for a sub I needed to find something that would complement them.
So far it is all thumbs up. It blends really beautifully and somehow manages to pressurize my room of 14’ x 14’. Early on I felt that it was a little boomy and perhaps to present, but it has settled in nicely (or I have just adjusted to it).The bass is intense and tight, does not lag in the slightest. And best of all it foot print is tiny, perfect to blend with those minimal decors.