The new re-mix of Sgt. Pepper's

Certainly some of us have taken the plunge...(not me, not yet)?
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Very interesting alternate takes on the second of the 2 vinyl albums. And they sound great---some are raw and unprocessed as many of the vocals were on the final version. The pressing is a bit noisy on the early part of side 1 on my copy (crunching out of the left channel in quite a few spots), but, unlike my usual practice, I did not put this through my Audiodesk cleaner prior to play. I have not yet listened to the remastered Sgt Peppers but I bet I'm going to find it to be, at the very least, an interesting alternative.
Not me. No interest either. After purchasing the 2009 Mono Box set and stereo mix I swore off buying any more Beatles recordings ever again and I’m sticking to my guns. Since 1965 I’ve bought multiple copies of vinyl (45s and albums), cassettes, and CDs. That’s it for me. I like the 2009 mono box and stereo mix well enough. The Beatles machine is not going to eat any more of my dough. On to other music ...
I was pretty disappointed when the fairly recent re-masters did not include any re-mixes (I was impressed with the re-mix of the Yellow Submarine soundtrack).  I figured they'd  pull something like this.  Giles Martin says a White Album 50th anniversary re-mix is possible.   I'd love to have the new stereo mix but I'm not that interested in the full set.   I got enough alternate takes, etc. with the Anthology CD's.  Maybe the local library will acquire a copy of the new one.  After buying some of the re-masters I feel I'm about tapped out on the Fab Four.  Still have EMI/Polydor vinyl copies as well as too many CD's.
@tostadosunidos - I have the re-mix LP of Yellow Submarine Songbook and love it. The re-mix version of "It's All Too Much" is fantastic IMHO. It sounds absolutely contemporary to me. I'm not a huge Beatles fans, so I don't have any of the other re-masters/re-mixes, etc....
OK. Now the remixed album. Vocals more prominent and more centered on all songs. Bass slightly amped up (or I believe, more precisely, untrimmed) and better defined. Instrumentation sounds less brittle in parts on the remix. I no longer automatically buy anything "Beatles" (and passed on the stereo box set from hi res files). But the mono box set is an easy recommendation. This is not quite as necessary--but it is TOTALLY COOL and therefore I am not at all sorry for the purchase and will be listening to this set well into the future as perhaps a different but equal sonic version of the wonderland that is SGT Peppers.
@reubent, I am also a huge fan of the re-mixed Yellow Sub.  I believe that one is the work of Sir George (not sure, will have to check) and it breathes new life into those tunes.  The piano intro on Hey Bulldog jumps out of the speakers like never before. 
I believe the Beatles management is now in the "milking mode" of material previously unreleased by the fab four. The one thing that becomes clear as I listen to raw takes is the magic that George Martin brought to the finished product. Don't misunderstand, the Beatles were genius, but without George Martin their legacy might not have been as memorable. "Hey Bulldog" and "It's All Too Much" are favorites of mine too.

I'm still waiting for someone to review the sound quality of the Blu Ray before I buy (the boxed set)..


Reviews on Amazon are numerous and very positive. 10 to 1 positive.  

On the Steve Hoffman Forums a poll has 245 people preferring the 2017 stereo remix to 179 preferring the 1967 stereo mix.
There has been some additional compression done in the new mix but it appears most people like it anyway.  The original album did not have a wide dynamic range to begin with.
Just one last comment. Not all "original albums" are the same. I recall that, as a teen (in the 1960's), I always bought the UK versions of Beatle records as they simply sounded more natural, without the pumped up bass and exaggerated treble of the US versions. I haven't done any A/B comparisons, but I suspect that current technology has allowed record manufacturers to enhance the qualities the early UK versions and extend the frequency and dynamic range, giving them a clear open sound.
I got the new 2017 stereo mix on vinyl today


for any Beatles fan avoid this new LP set at your own peril 

I love the Blu Ray mix. Dynamic, fresh, the music just wraps around you. A lot of vocals going through the center channel. I think it's worth it.
It IS of some interest, but could have (easily) been much, much better. 
The remix is great and much needed. It sounds fresh more balanced and less bright. What they did is what they did not bother to do in 67, take care with the stereo mix. All the time was spent on the mono, now all the mono was cab be bettered in the 50th mix. A must have. 
I have a superb music system both turntable and CD/SACD based

I have produced/mixed many multi million selling lps and singles including No1s

I use the records I have personally worked on to ensure my system sounds correct ( or near as dammit)

I am a Beatles fan. I have met George and Lady Martin, Paul and Yoko - and the guy who installed the same Beatles Yellow Submarine Jukebox in mine and Ringos house!

Here are my thoughts on the stereo LP vinyl remix. It's good. It's very good.

Yes Giles has made a few choices that I wouldn't have. The drum break in WALHFMF and one of Johns vocal parts in LITSWD ( where he sings 'eyes' at kaleidoscope eyes- it's ruddy AWFUL. WHY GILES WHY?) oh and perhaps 'that' over dramatic piano chord in ADITL spring to mind but by and large a) the bass is NOT overcooked b) the vocals are NOT too loud/too compressed c) the hihats are NOT too shiny etc

Regarding volume. Yup it's absolutely fine. One should NEVER change the volume for any record once it has been set properly for your listening environment. Every room has a 'right' volume level. Once set, don't change!
The Blu Ray mix is fantastic . The BEST & ONLY to hear it. Now Ozzy can buy it.
Im not buying it The Lucy in the sky. C. D.  Was a mess drums 
Moving all over the stage. Pauls
Voice jumping side to side. On and on. That gets old fast.  Every song
  Sir George. Im not impressed 
Every  Beatles album has problems.  Almoat.   Ill try and
Listen to white album today. Maybe its better.  Remastered 
Takes the soul. %80 out of music sounds to clean.  Only I  M. O 


yyman23, foey,

Thank you for your opinions on the Blu ray I appreciate it. Is the 24/96hz stereo version better than the CD?

Odd, that there is not much in the way of a formal review of the Blu Ray sound.

I wish I could just buy the Blu ray. The boxed set is going for $120+


I have all their CDs and some digital remasters.  I'll buy the 5.1 when the price is a good value.  Right now it is not (for me).
I normally don't get excited about remixes and remasters (to my ears the mix
is, more often than not, ruined by turning up the bass or the vocals,
or...), but the Beatles, Sgt. Peppers 2017 reissue on CD is remarkably good.

A friend brought it over last night. We compared a pristine stereo LP and a
mono version on CD with the new, remastered CD.
On a scale of 1-10, the new version is a 12! It is so good, it's off the
Voices are not up front, in your face, like so many versions of this LP/CD.
Or, the voices are coming out of one speaker while the background voices
come out of the other. Very irritating unless the orange sunshine is
shining through the window pane.
On the new mix, you can hear the emotion, the nuance in their voices.
Instruments are crystal clear and their tonal signature is obvious. Lead
singers are well placed in the soundstage and background voices are clear
and distinct.
For instance, on Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, it starts with Lennons
trippy, droning clavichord (?). At the time, 1966, Lennon was full of
surprises that got young folks to actually listen to the music...and trip
out. Then, the bass steps in as John starts to speak/sing, his voice fading
into the sky like diamonds after each phrase.
Now, IMHO, Paul's contributions tended to take away from some of these
magical moments. Mostly by emphasizing his hook, the bridge, applying his
pop song signature to an already good to excellent song. His in-your-face
"Lucy in the sky with diamonds " sounds so out of place, likely dubbed in on
another track. It sounds like a completely different song in volume, style
and taste. It's a bold explosion from the speakers compared to the delicate,
secret aural space that John allowed you to enter.
On the new remix, Paul's bridge is much better integrated, mixed into the
song. It's not miked up, it's a better tonal match with John's spacey
journey. The song is much more involving and listenable throughout.
It seems the engineers removed some background noise, because the bite of
some of the atypical instruments- sitar, clavichord, harp- are distinctly
present and essential parts of the song. As it should be, of course!
Interesting phenomena that this is one of those LPs that I grew up with.
Always liked the music, but since acquiring a high end system, I almost
never listen to it because the recordings are disappointing.
But, with this new remix by George Martin's son, it will be at the top of
my critical listening list and definitely on my best of list.
If you like good, wonderful music from a different era, this new CD is like
starting over.
Stg. Pepper was not my favorite, sort of in the middle of the Beatles catalog. However, after hearing the new mix on Tidal yesterday just blew me away. Stg. Pepper is a top 3 Beatles album now.
Consensus seems to be positive. I'll look for a copy. How is the CD being marketed? Is it part of a box set, or a standalone? 
Unfortunately, a box set.  I'd be all over a standalone disc. 
It is available in a 2 CD set for <$20. The second CD is studio out-takes and worth listening to IMO.

I bought the 2 LP set and it is one of the best pressings (quiet and dynamic) I own.

Thanks for that info--I couldn't find that on Amazon earlier, but now I see it at Barnes and Noble.  That's entirely reasonable.
I just listened to the new mix for the first time and I think it's a winner.  Fresher, more natural, more spacious, more musical.  I don't agree with every choice he made but overall (at this moment) I think it's an improvement.  It's (mostly) the mix we should have had 50 years ago and it's sonically better as well.  I'd give Giles about a 97 on this.  Highly recommended.
Glad you like it. Me too. Agree with your assessment.

I bought a standalone copy (not a box set) and I concur that it does sound different, in a good way. I listened in the car and I had to turn down the rear subwoofer to keep the doors from rattling (seriously). Nice job on the remix! For anyone on the fence, it really is worth the money.
I listened with headphones today and it was definitely more dramatic.  A few "wow" moments.  I guess I need new speakers.
I'm clearly in a tiny little minority on this forum, but I can't bear the heavy compression/limiting. The new mix is certainly good, and on Good Morning, Good Morning in particular it is much improved, IMO. But the constant loudness and lack of dynamics makes my ears sad. I always have to return to the original mix (2009 USB 24-bit issue). Maybe, like with the recent McCartney remasters, they'll release a non-limited version, but I won't hold my breath.

Sgt Pepper is probably my favourite Beatles album.