The New Radiohead

I stumbled upon this band while reading up on the Brit awards and one of my favorite artist to come out in the past few years, Ben Howard.
The name of this band is called Alt J The album is called An Awesome Wave (5 years in development)
This band hit me like a ton of bricks, and it has been in non stop rotation for a few weeks. I think if you like Radiohead ,you will love this band as well.
They are fantastc!!!!!!
They are different sounding, with the lead singers voice being strange, but oh so interesting. The songs are complex,sycopated,weird, Radioheadish.
This band really does it all for me.
Here are a few tracks to get a taste of this dynamic band. Tessellate Fitzpleasure Breezeblocks

Enjoy!! Let me know what you think...
I've been listening to the Alt-J LP since it came out in the UK around six months ago. Needless to say, if you do your listening on vinyl, the UK copy (white vinyl/no bar code) is the one to own. The US pressing is decent, but the UK is simply amazing.
Very cool Palasr!!
Fellow music lovers, give these YouTube tracks a spIn, or the album on Spotify and let me know what you think.