The new Prince 3121

I picked this up the other day and man I can say he is still going in the right direction. His last CD MUSICOLOGY served notice that he was through fooling around with his own self interests and was the comeback of the year CD IMO. 3121 is just as good and it's all there. Guitar solos,sax solos percussion galore and the sound is downright halographic painting a huge tapestry between and beyond the speakers. These two CD's are where Diamonds and Pearls left off a real corker with all kinds of genres of music.
I like "Musicology" and "3121" a lot too. They're definitely encouraging signs that Prince is back in the saddle. Personally, it's nice to see. I doubt he'll ever sell numbers like "Purple Rain" again, but more importantly, his focus is back. The self-indulgences have largely been reigned in, leaving behind some terrific music.
I was recently fortunate enough to catch a stunning instore performance by him and his new band (including Sheila E) at Tower Records in Los Angeles, to promote 3121. There is absolutely no doubt that he is on a creative roll at the moment. His guitar playing that night was inspired, not to mention his voice. He still has the ability to turn it on, if he wants too!
and IMO those standards are pretty high if you consider his entire discography. I prefer it to 'Musicology' as it's tighter and more focused. I preferred 'Musicology' to most of his releases from the past ten years. I'd just like to hear more Maceo in the arrangements and mix.....THAT would make a damned fine album.
Anyone know how the sound of the vinyl compares to the digital release? I'm always wondering which new releases are worth spending the extra money on to get the LP. Cheers,