The new Oppo93 vs.83se, for audio

I have Cary 805se Cat mk.2 Eggleston Works Fontains
Oppo BDP-93 doesn't even have separate analog outs for stereo.
Maybe you were thinking BDP-95?
Per the oppo webite, the 93 does have analog audio outs. It has ability for 7.1 analog audio out, 5.1 audio out, and stereo audio out.

You can se them on the rear panel photo, and it is listed in the specifications sction for output
"Analog Audio: 7.1ch, 5.1ch, or stereo"

There are a few different options becoming available from Nuforce to upgrade these units to maximize performance. Thes options will be available as a complete unit from Nuforce, or they will also be available as a user insallable board.

I was referring to *separate analog outs for stereo*, like 83 and 95 have. That, at least in my mind, being an indicator that the 83 and 95 units are targeting the audiophile, putting more emphasis on two channel, whereas 93 targets the videophile not willing to spend the $1000 95 sells for.