The new NSMT Model 100 Speakers

Hello Audiogoners -

We recently visited Terry London's house (audiogon member "Teajay") to hear the new NSMT model 100 speakers.  We were truly amazed by the sonics of these speakers!  Still while at Terry's house we called the owner of NSMT Loudspeakers, Erol Ricketts to discuss the details of the speaker and possibly becoming a dealer.

Since then, we have become a NSMT dealer and ordered our own pair of Model 100 speakers (due in very soon).

For your reading pleasure, please check out Terry's new review on 6moons about these beautiful sounding speakers.

Happy Listening...
Audio Archon - NSMT dealer
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I also had the pleasure of hearing these at Teajay's and was extremely impressed!  Excellent tonal balance, an incredible 3D holographic sound stage, and massive bottom end power that blends perfectly.  It's hard to believe that this little tower has it all.  On top of that, the sound is well refined with great detail and never fatiguing, harsh, or in your face.  Great for any genre of music.  I found myself getting lost in the music and having many goose bump moments as I listened to familiar tracks.  The spacious sound had me feeling like I was blissfully swimming in the music.  It's really hard for me to fault them in any way, it should certainly be on the list of affordable end game speakers to check out if you are in the market.  I wish these had been at Capital Audio Fest, I probably would have listened to them all weekend!
They sound like a real winner for Jazz lovers. 
Hey stereo5,

True, they do Jazz music in a beautiful fashion.  However, this speaker is no "one trick pony" regarding other genres/types of music.  My guest listeners always bring their own music to audition a new piece of gear in the system.  When hard core rock, blues, or electronic music was played everyone was amazed at not only the gut pounding subterranean bass, but the loading of the room with sub-sonics that pressurized the entire acoustic space.   
I also heard these speakers at Teajay’s Place. They really are wonderful in their ability to transport one to the performance with their amazing imaging. I don’t know how so much sound comes out of these boxes. They are the best speaker I have ever heard over there by far. I heard them with all solid state. Hope to also hear them with tubes sometime.
these will definitely be a classic!

I checked out the web site and those are gorgeous looking speakers.  Hopefully I will see and hear them at one of the audio shows I plan to attend next year.

Is there a piece of felt on top of the big box, under and in front of the little box?  Some pics I've seen don't show it, others do.  Given the placement of the tweeter, seems like it might be a good idea or even indispensable.

Hey twoleftears,

During my reviewing process I experimented numerous times with the felt piece on and off.  My conclusion: If there is a sonic difference it's so slight that in a blind fold test I would be guessing when its on or off.  So, on my pair I leave it on, why not. 
I just had another guest listener over this afternoon for about three hours who wanted to hear the Model 100 loudspeakers.  He is an AudioGon member, but he never posts on any threads, just reads them to gather information and found out about the NSMT speakers because of this thread. He lives near by and asked if he could visit.

To use his term he found the Model 100s "mesmerizing" because of the factors that everyone so far has experienced. First, holographic sound-staging, that encompasses you in the music.  Secondly, the purity/beauty of the colors/tonality in the mid-range.  Thirdly, the sheer overall power of the speaker and the deep and accurate killer bass and how it loads the room with sub-sonics that give you a sense of where the recording was made.  He called them Harbeth speakers with "balls" that does justice to any type of music.

Other than Illinois and, I presume, North Carolina, is there anywhere else that they can be auditioned?
Mike Kay would love to audition the model 100?when they are available, Iam 30 minutes from audioarchon...
I've been living with his PSM monitors for several years and can't say enough good about them. I'd love to hear more of his designs, and love to see him get more attention as a designer.
How efficient are they, and what about the impedance curve? Couldn’t find any tech information In the review or on the manufacturers website
Hey paullb,

The efficiency is 91 dB 1 watt/meter and the minimum impedance is 4 ohms.
Would love to see impedance curves on several of his models. Minimal phase design should look pretty flat. My sense is that mine sit down around 4 Ohms on the low end. I've asked Erol for the details a few times, but he has mentioned some being on a legacy computer system. 
Hi gochurchgo - The passive version in natural cherry finish is $9995.

I remember you sharing a post a while back about the model 50 Jamaica speakers. Have you also heard the model 25 Chorus speakers?
Hey t-ramey,

I have reviewed four NSMT models.  However, the Model 25 Chorus is not one of them.  So far, all the different speakers have been superlative at their price points and I would assume this model would follow suite.
I messaged Erol and he said they basically have the detail and imaging of the model 50 Jamaica's but without going as low so probably a sub is needed.

have you compared the Tektons  to the NSMT 100 speaker.  do you feel its a sonic worthwhile upgrade over the Tekton Moabs or  big Ulfberhts , which you reviewed in the past?

the NSMT 100 look to be a well built speaker, and commands more of a premium price over the Tektons.   are they worth the premium price over the Tekton speakers?

I have been to Teajay’s place a number of times and I felt this speaker was much better than the Tekton Ulfs IMHO. The imaging of these speakers is staggering. Almost like a time machine bringing you to where the original performance was conducted. They also are tonally excellent and they seem to check all the boxes!
i still think the Teckton Moab and perfect SETS are incredible bargains. I liked the Moab’s better than the Ulfs even though Teajay disagreed. The perfect  SET is ridiculous for its price. I have not heard the smaller NSMT speakers. Mike Kay have you received your Monitor 100’s yet? It would be interesting to hear them in a different environment!